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They will take symbolic remains of Cristóbal Mendoza towards the Pantheon

Next Sunday, June 23, on the 252nd anniversary of his birth, he will enter the place where the heroes of the country rest.

This Wednesday, the symbolic remains of Dr. Cristóbal Mendoza will be taken in his birthplace located in the Trujillo municipality, where soil samples will be taken as part of the process of incorporating the first president of Venezuela into the National Pantheon.

The information was provided by one of the members of the high-level commission for the transfer of the symbolic remains of Don Cristóbal Mendoza to the National Pantheon, Jonathan Briceño, who pointed out that the entry of this distinguished Trujillo native to the altar of the country means recognition more to the contributions that the Trujillo state has made to the nation.

“As part of the process of incorporating Cristóbal Mendoza into the National Pantheon tomorrow, Wednesday, June 12, the symbolic remains will be taken; in this case, they are samples of soil from the birthplace of Cristóbal Mendoza. Don Cristobal Mendoza. This activity is carried out through the competent authorities in matters of national heritage following a fairly strict and rigorous protocol,” he explained.

Through a telephone contact with the Paisana 92.5 fm station, Briceño highlighted that the people of Trujillo are jubilant from the moment the President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro, announced the entry of Cristóbal Mendoza into the National Pantheon, during his visit. to the state of Trujillo, last Tuesday, June XNUMX.

“After many years, this request from the people of Trujillo has been heard to settle a historical debt that the nation has with Cristóbal Mendoza, who was one of the men of the first order, of first importance in what has to do with the feat of the Venezuelan independence. Cristóbal Mendoza was one of the closest and most loyal men to Simón Bolívar, to the homeland project; Furthermore, he carried out important tasks effectively to help in what was that heroic construction of the Republic of Venezuela,” he stated.

Finally, Briceño invited the people to join the various activities to celebrate the entry of the famous Trujillo native to the National Pantheon, which is an achievement for the memory, identity and idiosyncrasy of Trujillo.

It is worth remembering that the president of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, recently announced that the transfer of the remains of José Cristóbal Hurtado de Mendoza y Montilla to the National Pantheon will be next Sunday, June 23, on the occasion of his 252nd birthday. years of his birth.

"I have a debt with you, on June 23 we will take Cristóbal Mendoza to the National Pantheon, We are going to Caracas!", the Head of State notified during his surprise visit to the Trujillo entity.

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