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Risk management system alerts in Trujillo against the rains

Firefighters and Civil Protection remain deployed monitoring rivers and streams in the 20 municipalities of Trujillo

Officials from the Regional Directorate of Civil Protection and the Fire Department remain alert, monitoring the rivers, streams and risk areas in the state of Trujillo, regarding the passage of Hurricane Beryl and the rainy season.

Eladio Viloria, head of the Comprehensive Risk Management coordination of the Regional Directorate of Civil Protection, indicated that from the situational room the men and women in orange remain vigilant, ready and willing to respond to the people of Trujillo.

“We are in the situational room of the Zoedan Trujillo National Risk Management System monitoring Category 4 Hurricane Beryl, which is affecting the entire Venezuelan territory. The entire system is deployed with highly trained personnel monitoring the main basins and slopes of the state of Trujillo,” he explained through a video broadcast on social networks.

Likewise, in his account @pcivil_tru he pointed out that this Tuesday, rainfall of varying intensity was recorded in some municipalities of the entity, so “the orange force” has remained under permanent preventive monitoring.

active firefighters

For their part, more than 400 fire officials are deployed throughout the state of Trujillo, in compliance with the national rain plan with the implementation of risk maps in the 20 municipalities of the entity.

This was announced by the fire department through a press release and indicated that firefighters remain alert by making tours and constantly monitoring the main rivers and streams, as well as to attend to any eventuality that may arise in the region as a result of the rainfall. .

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