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More than 8 homes nebulized to control dengue in Trujillo

Fundasalud's Environmental Health Directorate remains deployed in the 20 municipalities with prevention work

More than 8 people have been assisted with the programs for the control of vectors, intestinal parasitosis and malaria of the Directorate of Environmental Health, attached to the Trujillana Health Foundation (Fundasalud), during the first quarter of the year in the 800 municipalities of the state of Trujillo.

This was announced by the coordinator of the Vector Control Program, Yamileth Acero, who added that more than 8 homes were nebulized to prevent the spread of Aedes aegypti breeding sites, known as the “white-legged” mosquito that transmits Dengue. Zika and Chikungunya.

In the first quarter of the year, 32 water tanks were inspected. Photo Fundasalud

Likewise, he detailed that in this period 128 health inspections were carried out, 32 water tanks inspected, 415 antiparasitic medications delivered and 13 malaria tests carried out as preventive measures carried out by the Trujillana Health Foundation in the entity.

Acero indicated that during the house-to-house visits, the Environmental Health personnel together with the blasters urge the residents of Trujillo to avoid the agglomeration of garbage and disused objects that can serve as water storage, as well as to maintain containers, tanks and tubes. with drinking water completely covered in order to prevent the mosquito from laying eggs and generating larvae in clean water.

Environmental health in Boconó

As part of the Aedes aegypti control activities, Acero stated that the Vector Control Program recently addressed 76 communities in the Boconó municipality, where 4 homes were visited, 919 inspections of water tanks were carried out, 12 mosquito breeding sites treated and 823 breeding sites eliminated, thanks to the Comprehensive Plan against Dengue implemented by the Bolivarian Government.

“The execution of these tasks has provided protection to 41 residents so far this year. The Boconó municipality has a permanent unit of fumigators and blasters for continuous work on the detection, control and prevention of dengue,” he stated.

In addition, he highlighted that through the Health Goes to School Plan, educational sessions are provided to children and adolescents regarding the origin, spread, symptoms and measures for the prevention of dengue.

“In the Boconó municipality we are also training community killers so that the community councils, health committees, the UBCh and the organized people actively participate in the control of dengue,” he added.

The State Directorate of Environmental Health invites the population to practice preventive measures against the white-legged mosquito, such as keeping water containers covered, collecting solid waste, weeding green areas, in order to avoid dengue and other diseases.

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