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More than 1500 loudmouths served with a mega day

Medical services were offered in the areas of pediatrics, ophthalmology, dentistry, gynecology and pharmacy.

On the occasion of the 461 years of the definitive settlement of the population of Boconó, in the state of Trujillo, this Friday, the mega day of comprehensive care “Hope is in the street” was held, promoted by the Great Mission of Equality and Social Justice Hugo Chávez, which favored more than 500 Boconeses on this first day.

Reyna Pérez de Márquez, first combatant from Trujillo state, mentioned that the day offered free medical care in the areas of pediatrics, ophthalmology, dentistry, gynecology and pharmacy.

“We are serving the grandparents, it has really been deployed in the most civic way; people are happy and content because hope is in the streets,” she expressed.

Meanwhile, Yulitza de García, first combatant of the Boconó municipality, pointed out that the mega day will continue this Saturday, with pediatrics, general medicine and ophthalmology services on José María Baptista Avenue and dentistry at the Ipasme headquarters.

“Doctors prepared to care for the health of the people participate in this day and, in turn, prescribe medications that will also be taken completely free of charge. The day has flowed very well; We thank the people of Boconó for trusting us. The day will continue this Saturday, June 1, to comprehensively serve the population,” he added.  

It was learned through the social networks of the Boconó mayor's office that in the dentistry service, activated at the Ipasme headquarters, more than 200 people, including children and adults, were benefited with extraction of teeth, cleaning, dental fillings, among other benefits.

It should be noted that this deployment is organized by the Ministries of Public Works and Health, the Trujillo State Government and the Boconó Municipality Mayor's Office, where it is estimated to deliver more than 500 pairs of formulated lenses, as well as the allocation of technical aids. in response to various cases articulated by the 1×10 system of Good Government.

Grateful bigmouths

Mrs. Audelina García de González was satisfied with the lenses formulated in this comprehensive day.

“I thank President Nicolás Maduro, Minister Raúl Paredes, the governor, the mayor, and all the staff who have given us their attention. I had vision problems and now I go out with new glasses,” he said.

Likewise, the young Dorismar Justo, a resident of the Mosquey parish, said that “we are very grateful for the day they are carrying out for the benefit of the Boconés people, we hope they do this type of activities more often.”

Manuelis González, a resident of Boconó, thanked the national, regional and municipal Executive for deploying several units with equipment, clinics, materials, medicines to comprehensively serve the town, as well as activities for the little ones in the house.

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