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Heavy rains flooded streets and some homes in Sabana de Mendoza

Civil Protection and Firefighters officials were deployed in the Bolívar, Sucre and Miranda municipalities of the state

The heavy rainfall this Monday afternoon caused slight flooding of streets and some homes, without loss of belongings, in the Sabana de Mendoza parish of the Sucre municipality of Trujillo state; situation that was attended to by Civil Protection and Firefighters officials.

The head of operations of the Regional Directorate of Civil Protection and Disaster Administration, Jhosmer Castro, indicated that due to the large amount of rain that fell as well as the clogged drains, rainwater remained stagnant in the streets and main roads.

“The Sucre municipality is having a problem with clogged drains, which is what officials from the Pan-American Axis PC explained to me, the water stagnates and generates this type of light flooding. Thank God there are no serious effects,” he explained.

He added that the Civil Protection Directorate of the Pan-American axis continues to monitor the municipalities of Bolívar, Sucre and Miranda where heavy rainfall was recorded during the afternoon of this Monday, however “until now we have only had flooding due to the situation of the drains that were clogged, so far no news,” he reiterated.

Through its user on the social network Instagram, @pcivil_tru showed images of what happened and the deployment of orange officials in the communities affected by the rains in the Sabana de Mendoza parish.

“#PCSucre team in the #Panamerican Axis monitored slight flooding in sectors and main roads of some sectors of Sabana de Mendoza after recording heavy and continuous rainfall this #Monday afternoon due to the collapse of natural drainage. The @gobtrujillo keeps its teams under permanent inspection to provide an immediate response to the inhabitants,” he posted.

Firefighters warned

For their part, Fire Department officials pruned a Neem tree, which collapsed as a result of the hurricane-force winds and heavy rains and obstructed the road that connects the Bolívar municipality with Sabana de Mendoza and La Ceiba.

The work was carried out specifically in the La Encrucijada sector of the Sabana Grande parish of the Bolívar municipality, where firefighters applied pruning and road maintenance techniques to enable vehicular passage.

Likewise, on its username on the social network Instagram, @bomberostru reported the deployment of officials in blue inspecting the streams, rivers and risk areas of the Pan-American axis in the presence of rains.

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