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In Trujillo they produce for the community

Producers from the Jeromito Peasant Council joined together to cultivate 40 hectares

Achieving agricultural development and food sovereignty in Trujillo requires the ingenuity and hardworking hands of men and women from the countryside, who daily, before dawn, toil with their work in these lands.

Such is the case of the Peasant Council of Labradores de la Tierra, located in the Jeromito sector, La Beatriz parish, Valera municipality, Trujillo state, which is made up of 32 producers from 35 families in the town.

These families grow, in 40 productive hectares, corn, beans, ocumo, tomatoes, cilantro, cucumbers, zucchini, cassava, and coffee, both for community consumption and for sale in the Valera market and other locations.

Douglas González, producer of Jeromito, stated that through the peasant organization this sector aims to be self-sustainable in terms of food and added that, recently, they harvested 36 tons of very good beans, which were planted in January and is the item with the highest production in the peasant council.

“15 years ago this sector was born and was rescued by the national government under the leadership of Commander Hugo Chávez. We have organized ourselves into the Peasant Council. We are 32 producers working the land and we plant beans, corn, tomatoes, cucumbers, ocumo, cilantro, coffee, among other crops, but the most powerful is beans. At the end of April we started harvesting good quality beans,” he said.

He added that this group of producers prepared the land and planted corn at the beginning of the rainy cycle, which will allow for greater yields. “Our lands are rich and fruitful for planting and producing vegetables. According to studies by the Ministry of Popular Power for Agriculture and Land, these soils are type I and II,” he stated.

They planted around 3.000 coffee plants, Colombia 27 variety, with the support of the Valera mayor's office, this being the first test for the cultivation of this item in the area.
“We have livestock. We obtain cheese and milk for community consumption.

We have 15 cows and some animals for the teams. As for vegetables, we produce around 60 to 70 tons a year. Of fresh corn between 80 to 100 tons of jojoto, very good jojoto for our consumption and also for sale at fairs in the sovereign countryside,” González said.

He reported that the peasant council has a future broiler chicken breeding project.

sustainable agriculture

The Peasant Council of Labradores de la Tierra carries out productive activity for self-consumption purposes and also as an alternative that guarantees the food security of the population residing in the urban planning.

When asked how they obtain the seeds, González explained that they acquire them from their own production and keep them in the greenhouse.

"For example, we plant beans in January and September, and from the harvest we select the best ones so that they can serve as seeds for the next crop."

The water for irrigation is obtained from the El Cucharito sector, on the Momboy River. He commented that through community organization they managed to create the gravity irrigation system. Regarding the inputs, they acquire them in the agricultural houses, “it is an investment that we make,” he said.

These producers consider the countryside as their source of work. “We do it with effort, with love, since agriculture and planting are the sustenance of our families. Here we have our own food and it is healthier,” he noted.

However, they ask the Bolivarian Government for support with credits or financing to obtain inputs, improve the agricultural road and the irrigation system that they so need.


3000 Colombia 27 variety coffee plants were planted as a test with the support of the Valera mayor's office.

15 cows are part of the livestock they have from which they make cheese and milk for the community.

They produce between 60 and 70 tons of vegetables per year, while they get between 80 and 100 tons of fresh corn.

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