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In Trujillo they presented 252 projects at Expo Productiva Educación 2024

Various schools showed their achievements in the Robotics, Watershed School, All Hands to Sowing programs, among others.

In the state of Trujillo, students from the basic education subsystem participated in the Expo Productiva Educación 2024, with the exhibition of 252 projects at the Luis Loreto Lira Sports Complex in the city of Valera, in the Robotics, Watershed School, All programs. hands to sowing, among others.

This event allowed both students and teachers of all levels and modalities to present their achievements in various projects to demonstrate their training and productive pedagogy.

María Palomares, sole authority for Education in the entity, pointed out that the objective of this exhibition is to make visible the progress of the socio-productive projects developed by students in their institutions during the 2023-2024 school year and thus contribute to the strengthening and consolidation of the pedagogical techniques corresponding to the production processes.

“252 productive projects of all levels and modalities have been presented, in addition, we have the participation of entities attached to the Ministry such as Misión Ribas and Misión Robinson, as well as the General Directorate of Education of the Bolivarian Government of Trujillo. It is a great party where teachers and students show their work, experiences and knowledge with technology, creativity and innovation,” said Palomares through a press release.

Likewise, the student of the Rafael María Urrecheaga Educational Complex of the Pampán municipality, Scarleth Montilla, was grateful to participate in this productive expo, in which “we observed the production of each of the institutions present, which will help us strengthen our knowledge . “It is an honor to be part of this wonderful and significant meeting.”

In this activity there were samples of agri-food, artisanal, textile, mechanical, industrial, electrical, gastronomic production, among others.

It is worth mentioning that the Expo Productiva Educación 2024 responds to the policies guided by the Ministry of Popular Power for Education framed in the fourth vertex “My School Patria Potencia” of the Victoria Bicentennial National Educational Plan.

Pedagogical Congress 2023-2024

In another order of ideas, through the account on the Instagram social network, the Center for the Development of Educational Quality of the state of Trujillo showed the development of the third phase of the 2023-2024 Pedagogical Congress, which took place in the 086 schools Of the entity.

“At this stage, the active participation of teachers in the planning and execution of educational projects that promote the comprehensive development of students was highlighted; also seeking to promote the inclusion of enriching educational technologies in the teaching-learning process. Previously, this Thursday, the Congress was held at the institutional level in the 1 campuses of the entity,” posted @cdcetrujillo.

Likewise, the sole authority of Education, María Palomares, stated that this meeting is an opportunity to strengthen education in the institutions of the 20 municipalities of the entity, where the educational personnel showed commitment by responding positively to the guidelines of the Ministry of Power. popular for Education.

In this phase of the Pedagogical Congress, the institutional, pedagogical and community dimensions were addressed, which converge in the "School as the epicenter of educational quality", and the progress generated in phases I and II, carried out in December 2023, was also evaluated. and April 2024, respectively.

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