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In Trujillo they celebrate 461 years of Boconó

After the commemoration of Boconó, the Governor of the state delivered an ambulance and acquired a mammograph for the hospital

Regarding the celebration of the 461 years of the definitive settlement of Boconó, a special session of the Municipal Council was held, which took place in the auditorium of the athenaeum.

The governor of the entity, Gerardo Márquez, during his speech, recalled the exploits of the Liberator Simón Bolívar in his steps through the city that he baptized as the garden of Venezuela.

“The Liberator passed through here on several occasions. Here the Liberator Simón Bolívar strengthened himself. Boconó was strategic for the Liberator. Here during the Admirable Campaign he gave perhaps one of the most epic battles that the liberating army has ever given, here in Niquitao, in this hard-working municipality, of warrior men, of industrious people,” he stated.

In the special session, the mayor of Caracas, Carmen Meléndez, was designated as speaker of order and in her speech, in addition to being grateful and pleased to deliver her message to the people of Bocones, she highlighted the origins of this land that was the birthplace of Fabricio Ojeda and where 211 years ago the Battle of Niquitao took place.

Likewise, he referred to the indigenous background of Boconó and mentioned the native peoples such as the Tostoses, Tirandes, Mosqueyes, Boconoes, among others who were the protagonists of the birth of this thriving city.

“That is the history on which we have to reflect, but without a doubt reclaiming what we really are. “This is a land rich in rebellious men and women not from 461 years ago but from thousands of years in struggle and production,” she stressed.

For his part, the mayor of the Boconó municipality, Alejandro García, expressed his pride in being Boconó, while thanking the national and regional executive for their support in achieving plans and projects in favor of the people.

“We feel proud on a day like today of the anniversary of our beautiful town Boconó, we feel proud to be Boconós, to carry this warrior, rebellious blood, the blood of Fabricio Ojeda, of the cat Quevedo,” he expressed.

Delivery of ambulance and medical equipment to Boconó Hospital

The governor of the state of Trujillo, Gerardo Márquez, announced this Thursday the delivery of an ambulance, a mammograph and an X-ray digitizer to the Rafael Rangel Hospital in the Boconó municipality, which will strengthen public health care for the inhabitants of the garden of Venezuela .

The announcement was made during the special session of the Municipal Council regarding the celebration of the 461 years of the definitive settlement of Boconó, which took place in the auditorium of the athenaeum.

“I have come with an ambulance to the Boconó Hospital, we have also acquired the first 5 of 10 mammograms that come from China and one of those is coming to the Boconó hospital. We are going to inaugurate the Boconó Dialysis Unit soon, but also, thanks to the support of Farmapatria, a digitizer is coming for the X-ray team at the Boconó hospital,” he expressed.

Márquez emphasized that all this is thanks to the effort and support of President Nicolás Maduro who “sent love and his hug to Boconó.”

Various commemorative activities

It is noteworthy that the commemorative activities for the 461 years of Boconó began with a mass of thanksgiving at the San Alejo Diocesan Sanctuary, which was officiated by the vicar of the Diocese of Trujillo, priest Rubén Delgado.

Then, in Bolívar Square, the military-police civic parade took place, as well as the floral offerings to the Father of the Nation.

Later, at the Boconó athenaeum, a special session was held where five refugee families from the municipality received the keys to their decent homes from the national, regional and local authorities, which was announced by the Mayor's Office through its user on the social network Instagram.

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