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In Trujillo 15 universities participated in the Study Opportunities Fair

More than 9 students will graduate as high school students in this 400-2023 school year in the entity

With the participation of 15 public and private universities, the 2024 Study Opportunities Fair began in the state of Trujillo, aimed at more than 9 thousand future Trujillo high school graduates, to promote a range of options through the National Entry System within the framework of the territorialization of training programs and study careers available in the entity.

This was announced by the Vice Minister of University Management, María Eugenia Piñero Granadillo, who added that this fair, promoted by the Bolivarian government, serves as a space to promote the inclusion and universalization of university education.

“The territorialization of these study programs and careers is sought in which the national admission system promotes a range of academic offers where our high school graduates can study in their territories and also in the national territory, but we seek with this to try to link the offers academics with productive engines and with special economic zones, so that our students contribute to regional and national economic development,” he explained.

In this sense, he invited high school students from the state of Trujillo to register in the National Admission System and evaluate the academic offerings of the 15 universities that were present in this activity.

For her part, the vice minister of ambulatory health networks, Joicymar Rivas, highlighted that with these conferences future high school graduates have the opportunity to learn about the study proposals offered by each of the universities and institutions, both inside and outside the state.

“From the Bolivarian government we bet on the future of Venezuela, which is our young people, our high school graduates. They are study opportunities that were not had in other times. Today we have the option that the national admission system gives us the opportunity within our territory, our state and to choose the university and careers related to the progress of the country,” he stated.

First national day

Meanwhile, the general secretary of the Trujillo state government, G/D Julio Yépez Castro, indicated that this entity and Monagas are the first to start this 2024 study opportunities fair, which is why and on behalf of Governor Gerardo Márquez he thanked the President Nicolás Maduro for considering this Andean land for this first national exhibition.  

Likewise, he stated that on this day scientific, humanistic, technical, and social programs and careers are being offered that are part of the revolution.

Yépez Castro recalled that universities also offer other types of training, specialization, master's degrees, doctorates, and professional improvement offers as an opportunity for all Trujillo residents to continue training.

Likewise, the rector of the Territorial Polytechnic University of the state of Trujillo Mario Briceño Iragorry, Ninoska Ortiz, reported that there are more than 225 national training programs available at this fair, in areas such as education, computer science, tourism, science, social psychology; “A great content of programs that respond to the productive engines promoted by President Nicolás Maduro,” she said.  

Finally, the sole education authority in the state of Trujillo, María Palomares, highlighted that around 9 students will graduate from the diversified secondary education system in this 400-2023 school year.

University proposals

Each of the universities showed their academic offering, including the Territorial Polytechnic University of the state of Trujillo Mario Briceño Iragorry with its national training programs (PNF) such as industrial engineering, industrial maintenance, administration, public accounting, civil construction, electricity, computer science, maintenance of agricultural and heavy machinery, mechanics, social psychology and tourism; in its nuclei located in La Beatriz and San Luis in the municipality of Valera, Boconó, El Dividive (Miranda), Trujillo and Carache.

The National Experimental University of the Armed Forces (Unefa) at its Betijoque headquarters, Rafael Rangel municipality, offers courses in agronomic engineering, systems engineering, bachelor's degree in municipal administration and management, comprehensive education and nursing.

Likewise, the Hugo Chávez Frías University of Health Sciences, at its headquarters in the city of Valera, offers PNF in comprehensive community medicine, comprehensive community nursing, physiotherapy, dentistry and radioimaging.

The Bolivarian University of Venezuela also participated in this expofair showing its Environmental Management, Social Communication, Political Studies and education programs; as well as the National Experimental University of Security (Unes), the National Experimental University of Sur del Lago, El Dividive headquarters, the Simón Rodríguez National Experimental University, La Beatriz nucleus, the Rafael María Baralt University, the Libertador National Experimental University (UPEL) and the University of the Andes (ULA), Rafael Rangel nucleus, among others.

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