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Grandparents from Trujillo raise proposals to strengthen social policies

Among the actions proposed are the love in action plan and the “More years more love” day.

Within the framework of the Great Mission of Equality and Social Justice at its vertex number 8, this Tuesday, a meeting of grandfathers and grandmothers was held with Governor Gerardo Márquez in the city of Valera, where older adults belonging to the metropolitan axis of the Trujillo state presented their proposals to optimize the protection of this sector.

Through his social media account, the regional leader described as “extraordinary” the first meeting held in the Josefa Sulbarán room of the Bolivarian Forum of Valera.

“Extraordinary assembly with the grandmothers and grandfathers of the Homeland. You are an example of dedication and commitment, you have given everything and continue to fight for our sacred soil. For you and with you, for the good and beautiful country, we will continue to win hand in hand with President @nicolasmaduro,” wrote @gerardomarquez4fpsuv.

Comprehensive care for grandparents

For her part, the director of Participatory Social Development of the Government of Trujillo state, Angélica Morón, highlighted that this first meeting brought together the elderly from the municipalities of Motatán, San Rafael de Carvajal and Valera, who previously socialized and raised the proposals presented. to the citizen Governor.

Among the actions proposed to strengthen social policies in favor of this population, Morón mentioned the love in action plan and the “More years more love” event, with which grandparents will continue to be cared for both in the communities and in the homes of the elderly and in the National Institute of Social Services (INASS).

"The commitment was also made to attend to each of those spaces where, on a permanent basis, each of these older adults live and also the activation of a commission, a working committee to provide comprehensive care in the social, legal area. , health to each of these older adults,” he explained.

The joy of the grandparents adorned the Bolivarian Forum of Valera

Grateful seniors

Meanwhile, Mrs. Elide Riera, member of the elderly committee of the Valera municipality, thanked the support of the national and regional Executive to provide medicine and everything necessary to the grandparents of Trujillo.

“This initiative by our governor and Angélica Morón to hold this meeting by municipality is very good. Thank you for the love that the revolution gives to older adults, bringing home the medicines and everything they need,” she expressed.

Finally, the regional coordinator of the congress of the new era of seniors in the Valera municipality, Carlos Olmos, pointed out that “this is the first time we have seen this great movement to organize grandparents into municipal and state teams, in order to receive benefits.” of the Bolivarian government.”

The activity included the participation of the senior group from the La Floresta sector, in the Valera municipality, who filled the meeting with joy and color with their dances representative of Venezuelan culture.

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