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Samsung launches seven new products betting on AI

The Korean giant presented its new portfolio of smart health accessories. The big news was the 'Galaxy Ring', a smart ring weighing just three grams that collects various health parameters and transfers them to other smart devices

Samsung launched seven new products with Artificial Intelligence this Wednesday from the Louvre Museum in France, among which the 'Galaxy Ring' stood out, a smart ring weighing just three grams with which you cannot interact, but which collects various health parameters. and transfers them to other smart devices.

The company has been announcing through its social networks for weeks the launch of its new 'Samsung Unpacked', where the big novelty and the one that grabbed everyone's attention was the 'Galaxy Ring'.

This new device from Samsung could be the only ring that dominates a Samsung ecosystem. The hardware is solid and the ideas are intriguing. As long as it passes the tests, Samsung could have a winner, the portal reported The Verge.

Samsung officially announced the price of the smart ring at $399.99 at the Unpacked event held today in Franci.

The Galaxy Ring's hardware is simple, "although its overall design doesn't stray too far from other smart rings," according to The Verge's review.

The device is available in three colors to choose from: gold, silver and black. They all have a titanium frame and have an attractive appearance and have a 10 ATM water resistance and an IP68 rating.

Like other smart rings, the Galaxy Ring puts a big emphasis on sleep. Users will get a sleep score that takes into account parameters such as movement during sleep, sleep latency, and heart and breathing rates. But while smart rings are great for sleep tracking, the Galaxy Ring won't feature the new FDA-approved sleep apnea detection feature, nor is it capable of sending irregular heart rate notifications. These are limited to Galaxy watches.

This device must be paired with a Samsung Galaxy smartphone running Android 11.0 or higher and a minimum memory of 1,5 GB. Samsung Health app (v6.27 or higher) and Samsung account login required. Service availability may vary by country or region.

“Samsung is not the first to put a smart ring in a charging case, however others, such as the Oura Ring and the Ultrahuman Ring Air, do not have this futuristic transparent design or the LED light,” highlights The Verge's review.

Other products with the AI ​​emblem

Today we are taking a gigantic step that few believed possible to open the next frontier of mobile AI” were the words with which Samsung's global director, Tae-Moon Roh, started this event, which was attended by some five hundred guests, including the actress Sydney Sweeney and influencers.

It should be noted that the launch of these new products comes on the same day that the majority union of Samsung Electronics (NSEU) announced today in South Korea the start of an indefinite general strike, the largest in the company's 55-year history. which 3.000 of the 31.000 workers - 24,8% of the workforce - affiliated with NSEU have supported in the face of the technology company's inaction to negotiate working conditions, reports EFE.

The protagonists of this great day for Samsung were the 'Galaxy Z Fold6' and 'Galaxy Z Flip6' smartphones, the 'Galaxy Buds3' and 'Galaxy Buds3 Pro' wireless headphones and the 'Watch Ultra' and 'Watch7' smart watches.

The Galaxy Watch7, in addition to the new advanced AI algorithm for sleep analysis, offers the function De Novo Apnea FDA-cleared sleep aid that provides a simple, proactive tool to check for potential signs of sleep apnea. This device also allows you to receive real-time readings and alerts of abnormally high or low heart rates with heart rate monitoring, detect irregular heart rhythms suggestive of atrial fibrillation (AFib) with IHRN (irregular heart rhythm notification), and gain insight take a deeper look at your heart health with the EKG. (ECG) and blood pressure (BP) monitoring.

The ultra version of this device is designed for extreme durability to allow you to push the limits and go further with a grade 4 titanium frame and 10 ATM water resistance.

Additionally, Galaxy Watch Ultra operates at a wider range of altitudes, from 500 meters below sea level to 9,000 meters above sea level to track advanced fitness experiences such as swimming in the ocean or cycling in extreme environments and offers up to 100 hours of battery life.

In the case of phones, they have applications that are more designed for business use while headphones and watches for any type of user, the Samsung Spain team told EFE in a pre-press presentation.

Beyond the changes in design and lightness, “it is about improving the user experience – he continued – with AI through three axes: productivity, creativity and communication.”

In terms of productivity, phones host functionalities such as immediate audio transcription or document summary and, from the creative side, they allow designs to come to life, either through a sketch on a blank background or generating additions on Photographs.

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