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Freepik already has its own tool to expand images with AI

The tool that gives Photoshop its face allows you to expand a photo by filling the background with AI

Freepik, the Malaga design company, has just launched its own proposal to expand images with AI. It also works really well and can be tried for free, Xataka reported in a press release.

One of the most interesting functions that generative artificial intelligence has given us is image expansion.

Expand. That is the name of this new feature available on Freepik's AI editing platform. As explained by Omar Pera, vice president of Freepik, this tool allows you to change an image from vertical to horizontal (or to any size) by filling in the gaps with AI. This technique is known as “outpainting”.

How it works

We simply have to load an image and select the aspect ratio we want to use. The tool will give us several default options, but we can also choose the format we want. Once this is done, we can write a prompt to fill the region or leave it empty for the AI ​​to fill according to the context.

The AI ​​gives us several “filling” options and we will only have to choose the one we like the most. If we look for the seams we will find them, but at first glance it could fit perfectly. However, regardless of whether said filler is more or less convincing, the idea is that now we have more room to reframe and play with the editing.

Other interesting tools. Because yes, the Freepik platform has more cool features, like AI retouching. Thanks to it we have been able to go from the top photo to the bottom one.

We only had to paint over the people in the background and add the “remove tourist” prompt. The result is quite attractive and, except for certain details, the edition would go completely unnoticed.

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