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They highlight the role of women in telecommunications

In 2024, more than 4 thousand women will have been trained in information technologies

The executive secretary of the Venezuelan Scientific and Technological Pole, Gloria Carvalho, recounted the role of women in telecommunications during the Information Security Congress (CONSI).

In her speech, she explained the historical background that Venezuela has experienced in the area of ​​Information Technologies and what the participation of women in this sector has been like, reported the National Center for Telecommunications Development and Research Foundation (Cendit) in its Web page.

Additionally, he pointed out that thanks to the arrival of the Bolivarian Revolution, doors were opened that provided opportunities for the people, in the sense that telecommunications companies began to be nationalized.

A new age

Likewise, Carvalho mentioned that before the arrival of the Revolution, only students from private universities had access to careers such as Computer Engineering and Telecommunications Engineering. Given this, he said that the State socialized education in these studies. “In 10 years we went from 40-50 people to 70 thousand students in these careers.”

“With the arrival of Commander Hugo Chávez, the Republic was refounded, along with everything that has to do with telecommunications… Science and technology are recognized as a fundamental right of citizens,” he stated.

Information Technology (IT) and women

The also president of the Institute of Advanced Studies (IDEA) indicated that in the Venezuelan State more than 50% of jobs in areas of technology, telecommunications and engineering are occupied by women.

According to him, the participation of women in this area has been encouraged by the Bolivarian Government.

Likewise, initiatives such as the “Woman Innovation is in IT” platform promoted by the Ministry of Popular Power for Science and Technology, have created training programs, exclusively for women, in the area of ​​information technologies, electronics, control, among others. Likewise, he added that these courses were in great demand.

“In 2023 alone we had 24 thousand applicants for these courses. So far in 2024, more than 4 thousand women have been trained,” she mentioned.

Photo: Cendit

On the other hand, boys and girls do not escape these proposals, since they are constantly trained in telecommunications, engineering, fiber optics and other areas of interest through the Scientific Seedbeds.

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