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With “Master Debit” Banco del Tesoro bets on digital transformation

Among the many benefits, making online purchases in e-commerce and streaming platforms stands out.

With the concept “Everything you need in a single card”, Banco del Tesoro together with Mastercard continues to bet on the digitalization of banking, being a pioneer in public banking, offering this innovative payment instrument, with which they will acquire goods and services.

According to the press release, there will be multiple benefits that can be acquired with this financial service; among which will be making online purchases in electronic stores and streaming platforms, self-management through BT Online, as well as automatic payments in national and international stores.

Likewise, the financial instrument comes incorporated with “contactless” technology, a short-range wireless system, which allows two devices that are a few centimeters away to transmit information to each other, in this case, data to authorize a payment. In addition to transaction security, thanks to the Mastercard consortium.

This card offers everything in one, it allows you to make transactions in bolivars or currencies, at authorized points of sale, as well as electronic purchases.

The Banco del Tesoro Master Debit card has self-management with the BT Online platform: www.bt.com.ve and the BT Mobile App, which further improves the user experience, joining the broad portfolio of products and services for customers, he says.

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