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Cantv diversifies its proposal with a new streaming service

The president of the company, Jesús Aldana, said that Cantv has resolved 86.6% of cases received by the 1x10 system of Good Government

The company advances in the democratization of telecommunications and promotes the process of technological and cultural transformation that goes into the modernization of copper to fiber optics.

In turn, the president of Cantv, MG Jesús Aldana, reported that the company will soon have its own streaming service along with other vertical telecommunications products with GPON technology. “This is a new product that Cantv would soon be launching,” he stated during an interview conducted on the radio program Conatel Al Aire, broadcast by Radio Miraflores, 95.9 FM.


Furthermore, President Aldana explained that, despite the blockade and unilateral coercive measures imposed on Venezuela, Cantv has been working to continue offering quality telecommunications by connecting up to 1 gigabyte, with its flagship product Aba Ultra, to make use of applications and tools from their homes, businesses or others.

On the other hand, the highest authority of the Company highlighted that Cantv has currently resolved 86.6% of cases received by the 1×10 system of Good Government, which represents more than 1 million 600 thousand requirements, through the Venapp, positioning itself among the services with the most cases currently attended.


As part of the plans and projects for the year 2024, he noted the fulfillment of the goal of 95% effectiveness in the care of 1×10 cases, the construction of 400 thousand optical points in alliances with private companies; the strengthening of the Cantv Communal Plan, the continuity in the formation of the MTT, together with the Company's workers, among others that will allow telecommunications to be brought to all corners of the country.

Finally, Aldana took the opportunity to thank the Blue Force crews for the effort and commitment they make daily in each of their spaces.

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