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Táchira on alert before the passage of the first tropical wave

In the Andean entity, constant rains have been recorded since last Thursday, May 23

The prevention and relief agencies of the state of Táchira are on alert before the beginning of the tropical wave season, as indicated by Yesnardo Canal, director of Civil Protection. 

Since last Thursday, May 23, heavy rainfall has been recorded throughout the Tachira geography. Currently, the first tropical wave is passing through, which also marked the formal start of the 2024 rainy season.

In the San Cristóbal municipality, the flooding of a home was recorded, specifically in the Genaro Méndez neighborhood, which resulted in the loss of belongings due to the collapse of the wastewater system as a result of the rainfall. 

Canal explained that the amount of water leads to the saturation of the soil, so they remain on alert in those areas with a history of landslides and even overflowing streams or rivers.

14 risk committees 

Several communities have been oriented and trained, through the 14 risk committees formed in the entity, in the constant monitoring of the Torbes River, to activate early warnings in case of any eventuality.

So far, although slight increases in flow have been reported throughout the Tachira geography, no tributary has left its channel, however, all the municipal directorates of the preventive institute remain on alert, Canal said.

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