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Sewage collector repaired in San Antonio del Táchira

The maneuvers lasted three days due to the depth of the pipeline.

In the final phase are the works carried out to repair the sewage collector on Calle 5, between Carreras 6 and 7 in the central area of ​​San Antonio del Táchira.

The work, carried out in coordination with the three levels of government, is in the final stage with the placement of material for compaction.

Mayor Sandra Sánchez highlighted that through a joint action between the ministries of Water, Transportation, Government, Hidrosuroeste and Municipal Administration of Bolívar, a response was given to the community of Lagunitas and Pueblo Nuevo, merchants, drivers and pedestrians who were affected. with the collapse of the sewage network.

The work lasted more than 10 days, due to the complexity of the work, since the intervened pipe was located 4,5 meters deep, and coincides with the sector's rainwater basin, which is why the maneuvers with heavy machinery they had to be carried out with great caution. 

In the sector, 12 linear meters of the sewage network were repaired with 80-inch PVC pipe.

The embeddings were connected and 130 cubic meters of borrowed material was applied to fill the trench.

In accordance with the technical engineering specifications, a reasonable amount of time must now be waited for the filling material to compact and the road platform to acquire firmness, in order to avoid problems with the placement of the asphalt layer.

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