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People in the south of Táchira took to the streets to support the revolution

The mobilizations took place in Piñal and San Josecito, capitals of both municipalities

In the Fernández Feo and Torbes municipalities, the people mobilized in support of the Bolivarian Revolution, in the company of the líder and governor of Táchira, Freddy Bernal.

The Táchira leader recalled, in the Fernández Feo municipality, that this jurisdiction, “was in the hands of paramilitarism and President Nicolás Maduro, through our efforts we faced this scourge and now we can say that Táchira is one of the safest states from Venezuela".

He pointed out that, in this border area, vaccination was paid for and that situation ended and not by luck, but by state policy. He also recalled that this area is characterized by its commitment and support for the revolution, facts that make it an undefeated municipality.

After touring the main streets of El Piñal, Bernal highlighted that, “the best witness of the management and actions is the people. We received and felt the hug of solidarity, it is satisfying to receive that human warmth, it is part of the recognition of the work accomplished and there is still more for the Fernández Feo municipality.”

Achievements and victories

Bernal made reference to the achievements made by the national and regional Government, he said that the border was closed for seven years, "today thanks to Nicolás Maduro it is open and it is a border of peace."

For his part, the mayor of Fernández Feo, Haylly Chacón, expressed that the government has always stood up to the population, despite the sanctions, “here the leadership will take a step forward to defend the Revolution and we will maintain our undefeated record. ”.

La líder From the community, María Estupiñán highlighted that there are 36 UBCh and work is being done on the consolidation of 36 projects throughout the state, “the community councils have been promoting actions in matters of health, public services, roads, among others.”

The young Daniel Puerto specified that the youth supports the projects of President Nicolás Maduro and with his 1×10 in hand he invited them to continue supporting the Bolivarian proposal, to the detriment of foreign interests that promote other formulas.

Bernal closed the day with the people of Torbes, marching together in support of President Nicolás Maduro and expressing his rejection of the sanctions. Ratifying that hope is in the streets and is painted with colors and solidarity.

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