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Civil Protection carries out monitoring in risk areas in Táchira

The Director of Civil Protection of the entity announced the passage of tropical wave No. 4 that in the next 24 hours will be through Andean territory

Táchira Civil Protection officials, together with municipal officials and the ZOEDAN, remain on permanent alert during this 2024 rainy season, given that the Tropical Wave season has already begun. 

This was explained by Yesnardo Canal, director of the entity's prevention and relief agency, at the same time that he announced the passage of Tropical Wave No. 4.  

"It is already in the center of the country, and in the next 24 hours it will be passing through the Andean territory, on the Western axis," he said.

He also indicated that numbers 5 and 6 are also observed. Regarding the continuous rainfall, he indicated that they have already saturated the soils in different operational axes, such as the metropolitan area, mountains and part of the border.

The directorates of the different municipal civil protections are alert and constantly monitoring, for geo-references risk, vulnerable or threatened areas.

The preventive institute will reinforce constant monitoring during the next 24 hours. The Risk Committees have been activated and the Early Warning Systems have been activated.

In the event of any emergency, the plan will be activated, following the action protocols to mitigate any situation that may arise in areas that may represent risks due to the arrival of the rains.


An impact is recorded, which generates an intermittent passage, on Branch 16, at the height of the El Tambo sector, in the Córdoba municipality, “we have an active displacement with the detachment of rocky material on the asphalt layer. In that same branch, but on the road that leads to the Choquito River, there was an increase in the flow of a water tributary. 

controlled demolition 

It was the rains that occurred during the early hours of this Thursday that led to the partial collapse of the old structure, located on 4th Street in the city center. 

The Rescue-01 unit was activated, at the site they evaluated the risks, so at first they proceeded to limit the vehicular passage to proceed with the necessary maneuvers to deal with the case. 

Subsequently, in a controlled manner, the front wall collapsed, which represented a risk in the area. 

This action is part of the monitoring that is being done to centuries-old buildings that still persist in San Cristóbal.

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