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Venezuela Women's Mission has trained 12 thousand women in Táchira

At the national level, 33 thousand loans have been approved for women entrepreneurs

There are already more than 12 thousand women trained and organized into committees in Táchira with the Great Venezuela Women Mission, as stated by Keren Durán de Bernal, first lady of the state.

The statement was given during the installation of the motivational conference for entrepreneurial women, held with more than 800 people in the auditorium of the San Cristóbal Trade Union House.

“We work with a lot of love to provide tools to the women who need us so that they are empowered from the mind and believe that they can achieve the life projects that each of them desire,” said Durán.

The also president of the Tachirense Family Foundation, indicated that at the national level, President Nicolás Maduro has approved 33 thousand loans for women, and an important quota for the border entity.

“More approvals will come soon. There is support for social policies. We want women to feel accompanied with the tools we provide and the accompanying institutions such as Banmujer, FUNDES, coupled to provide care.”

“A powerful woman allows us to overcome fears, acquire tools and adapt to new information technologies.”

He announced that next weekend, 215 entrepreneurship kits will be progressively delivered.

The conference, given by Omar Parada, “Powerfully Woman.” Empowering women to be successful entrepreneurs allows us to overcome everything that afflicts us as human beings, overcomes the limits that people sometimes set for themselves and drives us to move forward.

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