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National Surgical Plan began in San Antonio del Táchira

The care was provided to patients from different communities in the Bolívar municipality.

With 47 interventions, the National Surgical Plan began at the Comprehensive Diagnostic Center of San Antonio del Táchira.

Outpatient surgical interventions were resumed in this jurisdiction as a result of the joint work between the National Public Health System (Asic, CDI, Dr. Samuel Darío Maldonado Hospital), the State Government, the Tachirense Family Foundation and the municipality's mayor's office. Bolivar.

In the company of the multidisciplinary team in charge of the Surgical Plan in the state and community leaders, the mayor of the border jurisdiction Sandra Sánchez stated that, “it is the first of many other sessions that will be held in the operating room of the CDI of San Antonio, downtown health center that is fully rehabilitated and operational as a result of the investment made by the government of President Maduro.” 

On this initial day, 47 patients, aged between 13 and 65 years, underwent surgery for pathologies such as umbilical, inguinal, testicular hernias, varicocele, lipomas, sebaceous cysts, and surgical sterilizations.

By highlighting the great intergovernmental effort that is being made to settle the surgical debt with the people of the Bolívar municipality, the mayor announced that the next event will be in the month of July. 

People who suffer from any type of pathology that requires outpatient surgical intervention can go to the Social Development Directorate of the Mayor's Office of the Bolívar municipality. 

If for some reason the patient cannot be operated on at the San Antonio CDI, he or she will be referred to a health center in San Cristóbal, where he or she will receive care, as has been done for some time.

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