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Cantv service center inaugurated in San Antonio del Táchira

Cantv telecommunications modernization process advances in the border area

The Cantv Comprehensive Digital Care Center was inaugurated in San Antonio del Táchira.

This was reported by Jesús Aldana, president of Cantv, who added that because it is a border, sovereignty must be exercised in these municipalities by providing suitable telecommunications services, to prevent foreign operators from offering Internet, violating national sovereignty.

Major General Aldana also expressed that this center will be the base of operations for the modernization of Cantv telecommunications in the border municipalities of Bolívar and Ureña, a process that involves changing all technology from copper to fiber optics.

The implementation of this modern user service office is thanks to the 1×10 of Good Government.

At the San Antonio Comprehensive Digital Care Center, the user can make reports of breakdowns, tone and Internet, billing complaints, withdrawals of associated services, request for a new line, request for ABA, sale of modem equipment, Open Digital Television, Television Digital Satellite, and other services.

For her part, the mayor of the Bolívar municipality, Sandra Sánchez, highlighted that the opening of the Cantv office in San Antonio is one more achievement for the border that allows it to continue advancing, despite the more than 900 existing sanctions against Venezuela.

Cantv Comprehensive Digital Attention Center was inaugurated in San Antonio del Táchira

Venezuela Young man at the border 

More than 150 athletes, including boys, girls, adolescents and adults from different schools in the Bolivar municipality, participated in the sports and recreational activities organized by Venezuela Joven.

The activity took place on Venezuela Avenue, in San Antonio, where there were speed skating competitions for children between 4 and 10 years old, a “banquitas” soccer tournament, a taekwondo exhibition, a cart and bike cross demonstration, and dance therapy. .

The activity had the support of personnel from the GNB, PNB, State Police, Cicpc, Firefighters, Civil Protection, among other institutions, who guaranteed safety, road control, and first aid assistance to the participants. 

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