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History and culture of Táchira are reflected in the mural of San Cristóbal

The work is called "Road Gallery of Cultural Promotion", and seeks to rescue traditions and the native

The culture, history and tourism of Táchira are reflected in the San Cristóbal mural, which has a series of murals that narrate the characteristics of the Andean entity.

Carrera 18 with Calle 12 of San Cristóbal is the meeting point, where the men and women of this land observe part of the culture, the history, not only of Táchira but of the country in general.

A special connotation is to exalt the emblematic sites of the 29 municipalities of this Andean entity.

This work, promoted by the mayor of San Cristóbal, is called: “Road Gallery of Cultural Promotion”, and seeks to rescue traditions and what is native, in addition to highlighting the name of the people of Tachira.

For the mayor, Silfredo Zambrano, these spaces are a meeting in the municipality, to learn about and enjoy history and tourism, “We are seeing these artistic murals that reflect our history, our landscapes of the state of Táchira, and of course our cultures.” .

29 municipalities and 37 presidents

The painter and sculptor, Eduardo Carrero, designer of the work, explained that the mural is very representative of San Cristóbal, Táchira and Venezuela in general, because in this space you can see the 29 municipalities of the state and the 37 presidents who have the country had since 1.811.

The artist described that the murals begin with the figure of Cristóbal Mendoza in 1.811, followed by Francisco Espejo, the Liberator Simón Bolívar, Páez, José María Vargas, and so on until reaching President Maduro and the four who preceded him, the commander Chávez, Jaime Lusinchi, Luis Herrera and Ramón J. Velázquez.

A great work that highlights the importance of culture and art, in a space, reflected on walls that is positioned as a historical site.

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