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Government of Táchira and UNDP sign understanding agreement

For several days, meetings were held with different sectors of the state #Táchira to generate a work agenda based on the progress and peace of the entity

After a series of meetings and the signing of the Understanding Agreement signed between the regional Executive of the state of Táchira and the United Nations Development Program, UNDP, the representative of the multilateral organization in Venezuela, Magdy Martínez Soliman, indicated that he handles figures where reflects that of every five Venezuelans who left the country, three want to return.

“The figures we have tell us that, of the Venezuelans who have gone abroad, out of every five, three are seriously thinking about returning. And of every three who are thinking of returning, three quarters are to stay. That is to say, they are seeing that there are economic possibilities and that the country's situation is tending to stabilize,” said Martinez Soliman.

One of the aspects that he valued as a great challenge is that when they return they do not find a closed door, fundamentally in the labor market and they have to think about a revolving door and this makes them embark on an exit again.

“We understand that there is a very important effort by the national government through the Great Mission Return to the Homeland, which we hope to know details. For our part, from the United Nations, particularly with agencies such as UNHCR, FAO and others, we are already working and making ourselves available to generate the anchors that allow Venezuelans to return to a country that welcomes them with open arms," ​​he indicated. .

Another aspect that he took into consideration is related to economic actors: “they are a good indicator and meter to show growth and boom.
“When people open businesses, are prosperous and have a certain level of wealth, it reflects an atmosphere that indicates that it has changed positively.”

A fundamental element to manifest these positive aspects of the country is security, “there is no possibility of economic growth, no one invests in an insecure country, in an insecure territory. Security attracts investment, generates employment and creates social peace, it is important for everyone.”

Work agenda

Regarding the meetings that took place, Martinez Soliman indicated that it has been a broad agenda that covered different sectors, with a binational perspective due to the same geographic nature of the border, and the direct link between both countries, Colombia and Venezuela, through Táchira and Northern Santander.

“We have had a work day that included meetings with business sectors, Fedecámaras, civil organizations that work in the health sector, economic and academic sectors of the state.”

Understanding agreement for development

This Thursday, the agreement of understanding was signed between the Government of Táchira, led by Freddy Bernal, and the UNDP resident representative for Venezuela.

During the meeting, the members of the regional government presented fundamental aspects for development and growth with environmental protection and results in social protection.

“The growth of a region has to come from the impact on social protection and we from the government, through the Tachirense Family Foundation, the Children's Foundation and CorpoSalud have made a program of permanent care for children, women , men, grandparents,” said Bernal.

The first authority of the state explained that he has envisioned a Special Development Zone that goes from Cúcuta, Villa del Rosario, Los Patios, San Antonio, Ureña and San Cristóbal.
“I have said it on several occasions, that Táchira is not an isolated entity, it is correlated in all matters with the border area. The health of Táchira goes hand in hand with the health of Norte de Santander, security, and economic growth.”

Bernal highlighted that the UNDP has a diversity of support programs and that is why the understanding agreement has been signed, especially in health, for the fight against malaria, tuberculosis and HIV, "from the outset they have promised us the necessary medicines for three years , great news for this area.”

The needs have also been presented regarding the provision of technical equipment in health matters, to continue advancing in guaranteeing a healthy population. It is also on the agenda to generate support programs for boys and girls with some type of disability.

Finally, the governor indicated that with this cooperation we will continue working and building the concept that we have been managing in Táchira, to have a peaceful, prosperous and growing state.

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