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Tachirenses marched against the sanctions

Many people came out to support Maduro in Ureña and San Antonio

The revolutionary forces of the border municipalities Pedro María Ureña and Bolívar embrace the hope that is in the streets in support of the social policies of President Nicolás Maduro, and categorically reject the sanctions imposed by the United States.

“Hope is in the street and it is Nicolás Maduro, believing that the extreme right that asked for sanctions, invasions, that drags itself into the North American empire that has no political project and stole monomers, Citgo, gold, is hope; "It's stupid," is how the national liaison of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela, Freddy Bernal, expressed it.

Accompanied by the warmth of the people, the regional leader also highlighted that the right-wing option “is accompanied by a group of ignorant people who applaud foreign interests.”

Bernal explained that President Nicolás Maduro is the man who faced the economic war, the pandemic; defeated the Dollar Today and managed to balance the economy, and above all maintained the dignity of our people and has made Venezuela, despite the sanctions of the right, rise large, prosperous, and it is thanks to the policies of the president Ripe.

Peace has arrived

On a tour of the Nueva Arcadia neighborhood, in Ureña, the líder Bolivarian highlighted that Peace came to the border.

"The population and merchants were terrified of paramilitarism, today we tell the world that we have a border of peace and paramilitarism will not return as long as the Bolivarian Revolution is guaranteed."

He stated that "in the North of Santander there are 16 criminal gangs just steps from our territory and they have wanted to transfer that violence here, but they will not be able to because here in Venezuela we made the decision that this territory is and will be a border of peace."

He stressed that in the face of the elections, the right will return to the streets to deceive the people. “Don't be fooled by these stateless people, the border was closed for seven years. “We want prosperity and peace for this town,” he said.

Cessation of sanctions

In one voice, the inhabitants of the Táchira border rejected the sanctions imposed by the United States while demanding respect for the country's sovereignty.

“We demand that the United States remove sanctions to get out of the economic crisis and progress as a free and sovereign country,” said Nancy Mantilla.

At the same time, Elvira Rodríguez expressed her support for President Nicolás Maduro, who "despite the sanctions continues to work to guarantee the prosperity of the people."

Rodríguez demanded the cessation of sanctions that “will allow the economic stability of the country for the benefit of children, young people, adults and the elderly,” he concluded.

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