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Bernal: the task of revolutionaries is to build a homeland, peace and progress

Under the blessing of the Virgin of the Consolación of Táriba, the people of the pearl of Torbes mobilized in support of the re-election of President Nicolás Maduro.

The last week of June closed with a massive mobilization that invaded the streets of Táriba, Cárdenas municipality, with the Revolutionary forces of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela, PSUV, to guarantee the victory of President Nicolás Maduro, guarantor of Peace and the sovereignty of the country, the next. 28J.

In this regard, the national liaison of the red awning, Freddy Bernal, indicated that, “the task that all revolutionaries and patriots have is to continue building a homeland, prosperity, freedom, independence, sovereignty and dignity for this people that does not kneel to the empire".

Bernal pointed out that he has toured different municipalities of Táchira with the people, “warming up his engines for the great victory on July 28. To do this, we will continue holding assemblies, marches and the training of electoral witnesses who will be in charge of monitoring the votes at the polls because on July 28 we will have a sure victory.”

He added that Táchira was visited “by a lady who is disabled and promotes violence, sanctions and offends Táchira by trying to return to the past of paramilitarism and that is why on July 28, the people of Táchira will ratify that the only one who guarantees peace and tranquility is Nicolás Maduro,” he emphasized.

With the management that the Bolivarian mayors, the government and President Nicolás Maduro have carried out, today Táchira is at peace, “livestock farmers and merchants do not pay for vaccines, there is more industry, progress and today it is the first cheese-producing state, the second of milk, third of meat, fourth in legumes and this is thanks to the peace and prosperity that this government team led by President Maduro guarantees,” Bernal said.

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