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They serve 300 people at the Venezuela Women's Day in Táchira

More than 300 San Antonians received benefits through a medical day of the Great Venezuela Women Mission. They also delivered 150 aid of different kinds to citizens, communities and institutions of the Bolívar municipality, Táchira state.

The following were part of this activity: State Government, Tachirense Family Foundation, Mayor of the Bolívar municipality, National Public Health System, whose epicenter was the school in the Pinto Salinas neighborhood of San Antonio.

There were consultations on dentistry, optometry, gynecology, general medicine, pediatrics, obstetrics, physiatry, dermatology, pelvic and obstetric ultrasounds, nutrition, pharmacy, immunization, delivery of a multi-vitamin kit for pregnant women. Although the event focused on women, men, boys, girls and adolescents were also attended.

Mayor Sandra Sánchez highlighted that this important day was accomplished thanks to the social policies of President Nicolás Maduro, actions that guarantee top-level care and free of charge to the Venezuelan people. 

150 technical aids 

Within the framework of this commitment to provide comprehensive care to the group, the authorities also delivered more than 150 technical aids of different kinds, among which there were wheelchairs, canes, anti-decubitus mattresses, financial contributions; construction materials (cement, rebar, sand, sewage pipe) for more than 12 communities, intended for the execution of minor works of collective interest.

They also delivered waterproofing, paint, school supplies, uniforms, household items and air conditioning equipment for educational institutions; an industrial kitchen for the food house in the JJ Mora neighborhood. 

During the day, Mayor Sánchez delivered service concessions to 10 motorcycle taxi lines in the Bolívar municipality, while 10 families received from the mayor the ownership title to land that was previously ejidos.

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