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Work on the El Rincón de La Vega aqueduct in Táchira is advancing

Different projects have been executed in water matters in several municipalities of the entity

Representatives of the community, together with members of the regional and municipal government, supervised the work and progress of the rehabilitation of the El Rincón de La Vega aqueduct in the Torbes municipality in Táchira.

The Secretary General of the State Government, Geovat Huérfano, indicated that among the completed works of the work, the construction of the cyclopean concrete stands out, the cleaning and clearing of the pipeline in the area, the formwork of the concrete screen of the dam, as well as the formation of the support surface with the use of a front loader.

Replanning and the formation of the cyclopean wall for hydraulic defense, “all these works will guarantee the vital liquid to all the families of this community that works hand in hand with the regional government,” Huérfano pointed out.

He stressed that as a single team, Popular Power, national, regional and municipal governments will continue working to guarantee the well-being of the entire Tachira family.

Expansion of the El Mesón aqueduct

Another of the works supervised has to do with the expansion work of the El Mesón Aqueduct. On this occasion Huérfano was in the company of the president of Hidrosuroeste, Arquímedes Uzcátegui in the Bolívar municipality.

It is estimated that these works will be inaugurated in July, which allowed us to go from two 70 HP pumps that generated 70 liters of water per second, to two 450 HP pumps that generated 200 liters per second.

This maneuver will positively impact 45 thousand inhabitants of the border municipality.

The president of Hidrosuroeste explained that the design of the expansion of the El Mesón pumping station, an important aqueduct of the Táchira River, also consists of an intake dam, sand trap and a main adduction of 200 meters of 20-inch steel pipe.

The project includes transformers, control and power boards; as well as adequate space for operators, who must be aware of the conditions and hygiene of the water.

“This expansion of the El Mesón aqueduct is a complete structural work that allows the stabilization of an aqueduct and the production of drinking water for the population of the Bolívar municipality,” said Uzcátegui.

La Mulata Aqueduct

In the Pedro María Ureña municipality, the La Mulata Rural Aqueduct will soon be inaugurated. With which 100 liters of water will be incorporated per second to benefit more than 65 thousand inhabitants of this town.

19.7 kilometers of pipeline were deployed in this work, which was carried out through the three levels of government, national, regional and municipal.

As part of the work, the structure of the chlorination system of the new aqueduct has already been completed.

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