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Active in Táchira 55 road work fronts  

2 thousand tons of hot asphalt have been laid in 70 and a half years

A total of 55 work fronts are deployed on different roads, within the framework of the attention of the road vertex deployed by the national Government, as reported by Ángel Márquez, president of the Táchira Road Institute, IVT.

He highlighted that these actions are possible thanks to the coordination between the different levels of national, regional, and municipal power and the support of popular power.

Starting this Monday, June 10, new work fronts will be deployed to respond to the requirements made by the communities, through the VenApp application, highlights a press release from the Táchira Road Institute.

Since the month of January, the 2024 Pre-rain report has been being handled, and arrangements have been made for the maintenance and repair of machinery for the work, “the machinery issue was prepared, President Maduro approved resources for maintenance. We already have the pool planned for the 5 operational road work axes.”

Márquez pointed out that the construction of a variant has already begun in the Quebrada La Osita sector, La Petrolea parish, via Río Chiquito, Junín municipality, in order to guarantee a stable alternative route that allows the mobilization of more than 10 thousand inhabitants of these communities. agricultural”.

In Trunk 05, the replacement of 13 sewers along 17 kilometers will begin, through the construction and repair of 9 transversal drains and two torrents, with an investment of 380 thousand dollars.

The president of the IVT thanked the Minister of Water and godfather of Táchira, Marcos Torres, who immediately proceeded to send all the pipe necessary for the construction of these drains, together with the Minister of Transportation, Ramón Araguayán, who sent the complementary materials, added to the resources that the Government will have available through the toll for the hiring of machinery and labor.

Deployment of asphalt works

Márquez highlighted that, in two years and six months of management, from the regional Executive, more than 70 thousand tons of hot asphalt have been placed, in direct coordination with the national Government.

The paving will begin in Local 09 between the Rubio Passenger Terminal and Puente de Oro, with the placement of the first 2000 tons, foreseeing the subsequent intervention for the stabilization of the La Chivera section, on the road that connects the Junín municipality. with Saint Christopher.

With resources from the Venezuela Bella Foundation, more than 2500 tons will be placed, in a continuous folder, between Lagunillas Ensoñación and El Mirador, highlighting the continuity of the second phase of asphalting on the roads of the Bolívar municipality, a border area.

On the roads in the northern zone, in Trunk One- Redoma El Toro, Panamericano municipality, the initial intervention of 2 kilometers will be carried out with the placement of 1500 tons, at the same time as in Trunk Six, Orope, bordering Zulia, 2000 tons of the more than 8 tons planned for the recovery of 29 kilometers will be placed.

Toll Admirable Campaign

Regarding the Admirable Campaña toll, located in San Antonio del Táchira, Bolívar municipality, it is at the end of the trial period, this is contemplated in the Law, “the system, operability, all the necessary mechanisms are tested and as of July 1st This toll officially comes into operation,” Márquez concluded. 

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