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700 UBCH participated in the 1×10 Review Day in Táchira

They were activated in each of the 29 municipalities of the border entity

The United Socialist Party of Venezuela, PSUV, developed the Review and Verification Day of the electoral 1×10 in Táchira with the activation of 700 Bolívar Chávez Battle Units.

The members of the UBCh were deployed to strengthen citizen participation and consolidate the victory of President Nicolás Maduro in the elections scheduled for July 28, 2024.

From the Barrio Alianza sector, La Concordia parish of the San Cristóbal municipality, the organized Popular Power participated in the checking of lists, evaluation and spontaneous inclusion of voters for the electoral process that strengthens democratic political rights in Venezuela. 

Leidy Carrero explained that the street exercise with the people was carried out, “under the guidance of President Nicolás Maduro, where the house-to-house practice generates the functional utility of inclusion for electoral participation.”

Regarding the CC200 System, he indicated that, “it increases the security of participation in municipal, state, parish and regional political structures to consolidate safe voting.” 

Regarding the candidate Nicolás Maduro, Carrero highlighted the importance of voting for him, "he is the only guarantor of peace in Venezuela and under his leadership we are achieving economic stabilization."

Verifiable information

The support of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV) in the 29 municipalities of Tachira advances in the task of obtaining real, verifiable, verified and audited information with the 1×10 tool, where men, women, older adults and young people make up the universe of voters for July 28.

Glendys Méndez, from the town of Barrio Alianza, described the atmosphere of joy and enthusiasm shown through the Review and Verification Day of the electoral 1×10 and urged the militancy to commit to continuing to form the lists in monitoring, control and mobilization electoral.

“Today we are in the streets with the popular mobilization of all the people who express revolutionary support.”

The participation of the vote that the young population of the Barrio Alianza sector will exercise was highlighted by Glendys Méndez, ensuring that the links with the JPSUV have been made through teamwork.

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