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64 homes flooded and roads affected by rains in Táchira

The rains will remain moderate to intense, but the early warning system carries out constant monitoring

A total of 64 homes flooded by rain and roads affected in the Metropolitan area, which include the municipalities of Junín, Torbes, Córdoba and San Cristóbal, have been registered in Táchira during the last hours, due to the passage of Tropical Wave number 13 .

The information was released by Yesnardo Canal, director of Civil Protection, who explained that the heavy rainfall occurred from the night hours of Sunday and early morning on Monday, June 24.

“In the Metropolitan Axis, 130.1 liters per square meter of rain were recorded. Civil Protection personnel are deployed, responding to the call from different communities,” Canal indicated.  

Between the municipalities of San Cristóbal and Cárdenas, nine incidents were recorded. Regarding the forecast, Canal pointed out that the rains will remain moderate to intense. The Early Warning System of the prevention agencies in each of the municipalities carries out constant monitoring.

Housing and road effects

The director of Civil Protection indicated that the La Zorquera stream left its channel, affecting three homes. In Santa Elena there were two homes, while in the El Río neighborhood 40 houses were affected, as a result of the increase in flow.

In sectors such as Sabaneta and El Corozo they also suffered, as well as in the upper part of San Cristóbal, such as the Pirineos. There was a landslide in the La Guaira neighborhood, at 16th Street. La Chucurí, La Playa and Madre Juana were also affected.  

In El Valle, several houses and the sector's outpatient clinic were affected after a sewer collapsed. On the main street of Riberas del Torbes, the drainage system also collapsed, causing flooding in 20 homes.

The road that connects the town of Rubio, Junín municipality, with San Cristóbal near Puente de Oro, was obstructed by a rock fall. It was removed and vehicular traffic was restored.

Trunk 005, Independencia municipality also suffered landslides of granular material, as well as in the El Tambo sector, a road that connects Santa Ana del Táchira, in the Córdoba municipality, with the state capital.  

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