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37 road incidents were recorded over the weekend in Táchira

Imprudence is the most recurrent factor in road events in the entity, according to Táchira Civil Protection.

A total of 37 road incidents were recorded during the last weekend in the state of Táchira, as reported by Yesnardo Canal, director of Civil Protection.

During the assessment, Canal highlighted that the largest number of these accidents involve motorized vehicles, "improper maneuvers, disrespect for traffic rules."

On the night of Sunday July 7, six road incidents were recorded in the San Cristóbal municipality. The statistics also reflect a negative result, with a person who died in the Fernández Feo municipality, in the southern part of the state, "a motor vehicle that collided with a vehicle that was in circulation."


Light to moderate rains have been generated in the border area, mountains, South North and Metropolitan area, they have caused small landslides, without marking new effects, the existing ones are already controlled by the infrastructure cabinet.

“In the last few hours, there have been no new general effects on road arteries or some communities despite the intense rainfall that has been recorded,” Canal highlighted.

There is machinery deployed in all trunk lines and in strategic areas of the 29 municipalities of Táchira, to promptly attend to any eventuality generated by the 2024 rainy season.

"So far, tropical wave number 19 has been formed, which has been leaving Cape Verde, from the Central Tropical Atlantic, and tropical wave number 18 is already entering the territory, it is located over eastern Venezuela."

The lines of action are established and activated through constant monitoring of the Early Warning Systems of the Risk Committees that activate the communities.

“They include the 115 homemade community rain gauges that are built by community members and the 18 Aurora meteorological systems or stations that Inameh delivered due to their complexity in the rainy period,” Canal described.

Also added to the constant monitoring are the cameras of the Civil Protection situational room that repeatedly monitor the water tributaries.

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