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They seek resources to rescue the Zingg Passage

The first escalator in Venezuela was installed there

Merchants and residents of the center of Caracas have started a project for the comprehensive rescue of Pasaje Zingg, considered the first shopping center in the capital city, which was built in 1940 and declared cultural heritage in 2009.

Francesco Zappala, Ciro Anuel and Ricardo Lugo are some of the promoters of this project, which, they point out, seeks to rescue the infrastructure so that it once again becomes a historical, tourist attraction and commercial reference point in Caracas.

“Zingg Passage keeps many stories that are part of the architectural development of Caracas. It was built by Gustavo Zingg, between 1938 and 1940, with a style of Parisian buildings, and became the first shopping center in Caracas. The 40 most important stores of the time, the first public bathrooms and the first freight elevator operated there. Its biggest attraction was the launch of the first wooden escalator that worked in Venezuela,” Anuel explained.

For his part, Lugo said that this structure unites the Cathedral and Santa Teresa parishes, it has its main entrance on Universidad Avenue with a connection to Este 6 Avenue, in front of Plaza Diego Ibarra.

Meanwhile, Zappala assured that to achieve their goal they have created a foundation and that in a self-managed way they seek to raise funds with the raffle of a car and various white goods equipment. “From now on we want to invite all those interested in learning about our project to visit us at Zingg Passage, where they will be able to learn a lot about Caracas history,” he stated.

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