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Older adults learn about journalism

Mayor's Office and the Group Últimas Noticias They held a workshop in the Petare parish

A group of 60 older adults, residents of Petare, participated in a new community journalism workshop organized by the Mayor's Office of the Sucre municipality of Miranda state and the Group Últimas Noticias.

During the event they obtained tools to improve communication processes in their sectors and organizations to which they belong.

Jesús Antonio Rodríguez and Gloria Linares, representing the Antonio José de Sucre Commune, indicated the importance of older adults continuing their training in different areas.

On the other hand, María Díaz, Omar Lunas and Ana Salcedo requested the reactivation of the Chamba Mayor, as well as supervision to enforce the laws that protect them. In addition, they demanded improvements in the public transportation service and asked for vacation plans.

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