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Sucre workers reaffirm support for President Nicolás Maduro 

During the assembly the authorities carried out a review of the 1x10 electoral machinery

Workers from more than 75 public institutions in the state of Sucre gathered at the Félix 'Lalito' Velásquez sports center, in Cumaná, to ratify the overwhelming support for the revolutionary process and the social policies promoted by President Nicolás Maduro.

The meeting was headed by the governor of the state of Sucre, Gilberto Pinto; the mayor of Cumaná, Luis Sifontes, and the structures of the state political team of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (Psuv).

During the assembly, the authorities carried out a review of the 1×10 electoral machinery, to ensure the victory of President Nicolás Maduro, in the upcoming presidential elections to be held on July 28.

“We have come to meet more than 75 institutions that are part of the regional Executive. We are in a meeting of love, commitment and loyalty with a working force that exceeds 150 thousand men and women, who today express their support for those inclusive policies that our helmsman of the country has promoted, to guarantee the greatest state of well-being to our people,” said Governor Gilberto Pinto.

Governor Gilberto Pinto also announced the granting of 3.225 new permanent positions and the cancellation of payments to some 1.200 retired workers from the years 2018,2023, 2024 and XNUMX.

“Only in Revolution is it possible to dignify and provide social justice to our working class, who have been guarantors of achieving the victories of the actions in social matters and public services promoted by President Nicolás Maduro,” he stressed.

The regional leader highlighted that the workforce is committed to sealing victory in the electoral process, to guarantee the continuity of the Bolivarian project and consolidate the social and economic transformation of the country.

“We came to check the organizing strength and the strength of victory. This is not the time to joke, we are called to seal a commitment for life, for peace, for progress and for economic sufficiency, said the governor.

He emphasized that they will not give in and will remain in the fight to achieve the resounding victory of the Bolivarian Revolution.

“Here is a working class that is aware that there is a sector of the opposition that has dedicated itself to traveling around the world to ask that the sanctions and blockades of our country continue, in the face of that, we will not, we will bow down and fight until we achieve great victory of the Bolivarian Revolution on July 28,” the governor pointed out.

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