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San Lorenzo water treatment plant reactivated in Cumanacoa 

The water treatment plant is already receiving water from the catchment that was recovered from the Manzanares River

The Minister of Water Attention, Rodolfo Marco Torres, supervised the reactivation work of the water treatment plant, San Lorenzo, located in Cumanacoa, Montes municipality in the state of Sucre.

The head of the ministerial portfolio of Water Attention highlighted that the water treatment plant is already operational, receiving water from the catchment that was recovered from the Manzanares River.

“The water is already arriving at the water treatment plant, we have a certain level of turbidity, we have to wait to start the water purification process and send the vital liquid to all of Cumanacoa and San Lorenzo,” said the minister.

The rehabilitation work on the raw water intake that supplies the San Lorenzo water treatment plant consisted of dredging the Manzanares River, removing sediment from the sand trap and adapting the 12-inch pipeline.

The minister indicated that they are working to recover a second intake in San Lorenzo, in order to reactivate the water system for the families of the Montes municipality, who were left without the supply of drinking water last Tuesday, July 2. after the flooding of the Manzanares River as a result of heavy rains, swept away 6 kilometers of 20-inch pipe from the main aqueduct that supplies the vital liquid to the mountain population.

"We are already working on a second collection, which is the intermediate collection, with that we estimate entering 100 to 120 liters per second, plus the 60/80 liters per second of the old collection, we would have 200 liters per second through the plant San Lorenzo water treatment plant,” explained Marco Torres.

Four wells were reactivated to reinforce the water supply 

In addition, the Bolivarian Government also carried out the reactivation of four wells, in order to supply water to the residents of the Montes municipality, while the water system is reestablished throughout the jurisdiction.

Pozo La Granja, Barrio Blanco, San Salvador and La Rinconada were recovered, in compliance with the instructions issued by President Nicolás Maduro, to strengthen the protection of people affected by Hurricane Beryl.

They reinforce the bridge in the Montalbán sector in Cumanacoa 

In order to guarantee the safety of drivers and pedestrians, the National Government began work to reinforce the bases of the bridge at the height of the Montalbán sector, in Cumanacoa, which was about to collapse, as a result of the torrential rains.

The works are carried out jointly between the Ministry of Public Works and the Autonomous Road Service of the state of Sucre (Saves).

For these tasks, the authorities restricted traffic to the town of Cumanacoa, this Friday afternoon, while heavy machinery carried out maneuvers to dredge the river and reinforce the bridge structure.

Chinese Community delivered 600 tons of food to care for those affected

The Chinese community in Venezuela delivered, this Saturday, July 6, 600 tons of food to the Government of the state of Sucre, to assist the people who were affected by the overflowing of the Manzanares River, in Cumanacoa.

In addition to food, the Chinese community also donated drinking water, personal supplies, mattresses, among other supplies.

The sole authority of Cumanacoa, Nayade Lockiby Belmonte, thanked the solidarity and affection of Asians towards the people of Cumanacoa.

“On behalf of President Nicolás Maduro, we thank the entire Chinese community and the associations for the contribution and support provided to the people of Cumanacoa, in the context of this tragedy and difficult times that the population is going through,” said Belmonte.

Likewise, he emphasized that the Bolivarian Government remains committed and with the firm conviction of restoring tranquility to the municipality.

In turn, the governor of the state of Sucre, Gilberto Pinto, highlighted that this donation demonstrates the brotherhood that exists between China and Venezuela.

“We are receiving affection from the People's Republic of China, from our Asian brothers. This symbol demonstrates the brotherhood and solidarity that exists between China and Venezuela,” said the regional president.

Chinese Community provided social aid to care for those affected in Cumanacoa 

Attention to the mountain people continues 

More than 80 volunteers from the Venezuelan Red Cross were deployed in Cumanacoa to provide health care to people affected by the tragedy that struck the testers of the sweet land of the state of Sucre in the early hours of July 2.

Luis Farías, president of the Venezuelan Red Cross, indicated that more than 280 people were assisted with deworming services, general consultations and delivery of medicines.

Farías highlighted that volunteers were also deployed in some affected areas to provide care and deliver emergency kits to those most in need.

Members of the Ksar Edic canine team activated the search for people in Cumanacoa 

With the aim of undertaking work to locate victims buried after the Manzanares River overflowed, members of the Disaster Intervention Canine Team, Ksar Edic, arrived in the Montes municipality to begin the search for missing people.

Through their Instagram stories, the organization specified that they are already working “to be the hope” of this place that was affected by the passage of Hurricane Beryl.

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