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People of Andrés Mata in Sucre demanded the cessation of sanctions

They marched to demand that blockades and coercive measures be lifted

Biden lifts sanctions now! Demanded the revolutionary people of the Andrés Mata municipality (San José de Areocuar), in the state of Sucre; during a mobilization in the Tavera Acosta parish of the jurisdiction, in rejection of the imperial sanctions and blockades imposed against the country.

Between banners, songs and slogans, supporters of the ruling party toured the streets of the aforementioned parish, accompanied by the governor of the state of Sucre, Gilberto Pinto; the mayor of the town, Iliath Veloz, and members of the state political team of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV).

Governor Gilberto Pinto highlighted that the Chavista people are worthy heirs of the legacy of Commander Chávez, which has become the "largest project in history as is the socialism of the 28st century", which is why he urged them to defend the rights and interests of the Bolivarian homeland, next July XNUMX.

"We must have the firm commitment and conviction to defend the sovereignty of Venezuela, this coming July 28, you brothers and sisters are heirs of the historical legacy of Commander Chávez, you are heirs of XNUMXst century socialism, the largest project in Latin America that It guarantees well-being and social justice,” said the political head of the eastern entity.

He assured that the Sucre entity is committed to continuing to guarantee the continuity of the Bolivarian Revolution, which he stated is the “true” path to the prosperity of the South American nation.

In this context, he reiterated that despite the more than 900 coercive measures sponsored against Venezuela, they will continue to fight, defending alongside President Nicolás Maduro, the achievements achieved in the revolutionary process.

“We tell the shareholders and corrupt homelands that dress up as sheep to attack health and happiness, that they will find themselves against a retaining wall that is the town of Sucre and the Tavera Acosta parish. The right wants to take away the achievements of the Bolivarian Revolution and these brave people are not going to allow it and have taken to the streets to say 'They will not return!'" stated the highest authority of the state.

For his part, the mayor of the Andrés Mata municipality, Iliath Veloz, urged the president of the United States to lift the sanctions and respect the rights and interests of the Venezuelan people.

“We tell the president of the United States that I lifted the sanctions, because they will not be able to defeat a people who are united and convinced of defending their rights.
The battle and the fight is fighting, and we from the Tavera Acosta parish are going to win it on July 28,” Veloz pointed out.

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