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Credits will be granted to more than 200 merchants and producers in Cumanacoa

The action seeks to reactivate the local economy after the flooding of the Manzanares River

The Bolivarian Government will provide credits to more than 200 merchants and producers in Cumanacoa, Montes municipality of Sucre state, through the Bank of Venezuela, with the objective of reactivating the local economy immediately and in a timely manner in the jurisdiction, after the flood of the Manzanares River on Tuesday, July 2, will cause havoc in more than 150 commercial establishments and crops.

This was reported by the governor of the entity, Gilberto Pinto, during a meeting with merchants and producers in the area, where the sole authority in Cumanacoa, Nayade Lockiby Belmonte, also participated; the Minister of National Commerce, Luis Villegas, and the president of the Bank of Venezuela, Román Maniglia.

“President Nicolás Maduro is present here, with these authorities, to reactivate local commerce, to provide credit possibilities and return economic activity to this municipality,” said the governor.

The regional president indicated that in Cumanacoa there is a "responsible and humanist" Government that promptly addresses the damage caused in this town, due to the passage of Hurricane Beryl.

“We have a president committed to reestablishing the commercial and economic area of ​​the Montes municipality. “Here we are in the name of a responsible Government and a humanist revolutionary process, to serve them and seek solutions in the short, medium and long term,” Pinto emphasized.

For his part, the president of the Bank of Venezuela, Román Maniglia, explained that the loans will be granted immediately, without interest and with a special payment method.

“A credit will be approved to raise awareness of what is really needed. This is going to be a different loan because it will have zero percent interest, apart from this, you will have 6 dead months of contributions and, after those 6 months, you will have one year to start paying; That is, they are going to start paying off their capital when they stabilize and without interest,” Maniglia explained.

Cleaning and clearing of roads began in Cumanacoa 

This Thursday, July 4, the cleaning and removal of sedimentation work began on the streets and roads of Cumanacoa.

The Minister of Public Works, Raúl Paredes, highlighted that three work fronts were activated with 27 machines and 16 dump trucks to remove mud and debris from the roads, in order to guarantee safety and free traffic.

Paredes assured that it is estimated that all roads in Cumanacoa will be completely cleared on Saturday at 6 pm.

250 tons of food to distribute

The governor of the state of Sucre, Gilberto Pinto, reported that they have 250 tons of food to distribute to the more than 50 people affected in the Montes municipality, after the flooding of the tributary due to the torrential rains in the eastern entity.

Likewise, he stated that 45 tons of proteins are also available to serve the residents of Cumanacoa who lost their homes and belongings during the tragedy that occurred on Tuesday, July 2.

The regional leader indicated that national and regional government authorities have been deployed from day one to address the contingency and guarantee care and protection for the residents of this municipality in the state of Sucre.

They activated shelters to protect people's lives 

La Manga School, UE San Lázaro, the Public Library and the University Village of Cumanacoa, were enabled as a temporary shelter, to protect people's lives, Pinto said.

Section of trunk 9 Carúpano – Güiria collapsed

A section of trunk 9 (Carrétera Carúpano – Güiria), in the Humberto Rojas sector of the Libertador municipality (Tunapuy) also collapsed, as a result of the flooding of the stream in the area, after the heavy rains that occurred in the town.

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