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Psuv militancy holds assemblies in communities of Sucre

The meetings aim to strengthen the electoral machinery of the 1x10

In order to strengthen the political machinery of the 1×10 in the state of Sucre; The militancy of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (Psuv) held a meeting with the grassroots structures of the Santa Inés parish.

The popular assembly that took place in the vicinity of Plaza Pichincha, in Cumaná; It had the participation of the state organizer of the red awning, Luis Sifontes; and the Psuv liaison in the entity, Jesús Faría.

In this regard, Sifontes highlighted that these meetings also seek to strengthen ideological formations in each of the territories and establish new actions and strategies that guarantee the victory of President Nicolás Maduro, in the presidential elections scheduled for July 28 by the National Electoral Council. (CNE).

“Here in Sucre we are building a truly real 1X10, a political strategy that we have implemented and are perfecting to ensure the re-election of our president Nicolás Maduro, and guarantee the continuity of the Bolivarian Revolution,” said Sifontes.

The mayor of Cumaná, Luis Sifontes, also indicated that the structures of the state and municipal political team of the political organization are deployed in the different communities of the 15 municipalities that make up the eastern geography.

“What beautiful displays our people maintain in each community and parish of the state of Sucre. With the highest level of patriotism, reviewing all your planning in detail. Heading towards the popular and revolutionary victory of July 28,” said the Mayor.

In turn, Jesús Faría, state liaison of the Psuv, emphasized that in perfect monolithic unity they are preparing to strengthen the continuity of the Bolivarian project, which he stated "is the path to the economic, social and productive transformation of the nation."

Likewise, Faría assured that they will remain permanently mobilized in each of the territories, to give a demonstration of unity, organization and strength to the opposition sectors that attack the Venezuelan people.

They gathered in support of President Maduro in the Ayacucho parish 

In the Ayacucho parish of Cumaná, the revolution leadership also gathered to ratify the overwhelming support for the policies promoted by the “driver of victories” Nicolás Maduro.

“President Nicolás Maduro is counting on these troops from the Ayacucho parish to guarantee his victory in the upcoming electoral scenario, we are going to fight so that social protections continue. Maduro is the only one, after Commander Chávez, who has ensured the tranquility and well-being of all the people," said Juan Acosta, líder territorial of the Cumanagoto community.

They held popular assemblies in Marigüitar 

The Bolívar Chávez Battle Units (Ubch) La Chica, Sotillo, Cocalitos, Maturincito and Buenos Aires, in Marigüitar, Bolívar municipality, also met in popular assemblies to join forces to strengthen this strategy applied by the red awning to secure victory in the next electoral battle.

The assemblies were led by the mayor of the jurisdiction, Héctor Frontado, who thanked the militancy for its commitment to deploy and bring the revolutionary message to the most remote areas of the town.

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