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“More years, more love” event served more than 400 grandparents in Cumaná

They received health and food care through the Great Mission Grandfathers and Grandmothers of the Homeland

Around 500 grandparents from the Altagracia parish of the Sucre municipality (Cumaná), Sucre state, received comprehensive care during the journey “More years, more love”, developed in the communal house in sector 3 of La Llanada.

María Lorena Molina, director of the National Institute of Social Services (Inass) in the state of Sucre, highlighted that the day fulfills vertex number four of the Great Mission Grandfathers and Grandmothers of the Homeland, created by President Nicolás Maduro, in order to guarantee protection in terms of food and health to the country's older adults.

The National Institute of Nutrition (INN), Food Markets (Mercal), Barrio Nuevo Tricolor (BNT), among other institutions, participated in this activity aimed at strengthening the well-being and tranquility of this sector of society.

“All these institutions come to protect grandparents. We are serving around more than 300 grandparents with medical care and 186 with food care with the grandparent combo that we are providing, to guarantee what is the protection of our older adults, as our president Nicolás Maduro has emanated,” said Molina.

In addition to medical and nutritional care, the local grandparents were also provided with hairdressing services, recreational and sports activities, the official explained.

Molina stressed that the event took place simultaneously in different communities in the city of Cumaná and Carúpano.

He stated that for this Sunday, June 23, this event is planned to be held in Cumanacoa, Montes municipality, where they estimate to serve more than 1.600 grandparents in the jurisdiction.

“We have carried out different days, dignifying our grandparents, bringing them love and protection,” he emphasized.

They were also treated with hairdressing services Photo: Government of Sucre

Grandparents appreciate comprehensive care

“This is a drop of love from our president Nicolás Maduro, for us grandparents,” exalted Alí Boada, beneficiary of the day, who took the opportunity to thank the national Executive and the entire regional government team for this deployment that allowed grandparents receive comprehensive care.

“We thank the Bolivarian Government for this immediate attention to us, the grandfathers and grandmothers of the country. We have received comprehensive attention thanks to this wonderful team from the José Gregorio Hernández Mission, Somos Venezuela and the entire government structure,” Boada highlighted.

In turn, Norbelia Suárez, another of the beneficiaries, celebrated this initiative promoted by President Nicolás Maduro, for food, health and other factors that are necessary and indispensable to ensure a better quality of life for the elderly.

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