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They delivered chemical laboratory kits to high schools in Sucre

Some 11 educational institutions have been provided with microscopes, materials and tools for the development of chemical solutions

In the state of Sucre, some 11 educational institutions from different municipalities in the region such as Arismendi (Río Caribe), Montes (Cumanacoa), Bermúdez (Carúpano) and Sucre (Cumaná) were equipped with chemical laboratory kits, with the aim of strengthening vocations. scientific and technological in children and adolescents.

Karenly Sánchez, director of the Development Center for Educational Quality in the eastern entity, explained that among the institutions served with this delivery are the Bolivariano Aristóbulo Istúriz high school, in Arismendi; the Jorge Ordosgoitti high school, in Carúpano; the Rafael Llovera technical school, in Cumanacoa; the José Antonio Ramos Sucre high school and the “Province of Cumaná” fishing technical school, in the city of Cumaná.

“These are part of the institutions that we have endowed. An action that we will be replicating in each and every one of our universities, to encourage students to venture into this wonderful world of science and technology, and in turn, prepare men and women capable of contributing to development and economic growth. and productive of our country,” said Sánchez.

He stressed that the Kits were delivered by the team of the National Center for Chemical Technology, as part of the “Scientific Seedbeds” program, carried out by the Bolivarian Government through the Ministry of Science and Technology in coordination with the Ministry of Education.

For her part, Marianela Marcano, director of the Robinsoniana Agricultural Technical School of Fishing Province of Cumaná, located in the Santa Inés parish of the Sucre municipality, explained that the kits contain reagents and basic laboratory instruments, such as microscopes, booklets for use with experiments, materials and tools necessary for the development of chemical solutions.

Marcano highlighted that these chemical instruments will allow more than 200 students from the “Province of Cumaná” fishing school to strengthen their knowledge in the area of ​​science and technology in a safe and innovative way.

“This chemistry laboratory kit will help in the scientific and technological preparation of our students who study at this productive technical school. With this initiative, the boys will be able to develop skills and abilities, through the research and the necessary resources that we are receiving, which will allow us to develop activities in favor of their scientific training,” said Marcano.

Students celebrated the provision of laboratory kits 

Brayan Malavé, student at the Provincia de Cumaná fishing technical school, welcomed this provision that will allow them to expand their scientific knowledge in a dynamic way.

“With this we will be able to strengthen our training in the area of ​​chemistry and carry out experiments in a safe, dynamic and innovative way,” he said.

In turn, José Fuentes extended his gratitude to the Bolivarian Government for this delivery that will guarantee students a quality education.

“We value these resources that we are receiving because they will help us to have better training. We thank all the authorities of the Bolivarian Government for this large endowment and for recovering our chemistry laboratory,” he pointed out.

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