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They provide financing for the execution of 217 projects in Sucre 

The projects were approved in the National Popular Consultation held last April

The Federal Government Council (CFG) of the state of Sucre, granted financing for the execution of 217 community council projects, which were approved in the National Popular Consultation, held on April 21.

The event took place at the facilities of the Paz court, located in the community of Brasil in Cumaná, and was accompanied by the governor of the eastern entity, Gilberto Pinto, and the state coordinator of the CFG, Fedemarx Gamboa.

"On this occasion we deliver to the projects of the communal councils belonging to the municipalities of Sucre (Cumaná), Montes (Cumanacoa), Bolívar (Marigüitar), Mejía (San Antonio del Golfo) and Cruz Salmerón Acosta (Araya), which were approved by President Nicolás Maduro, during that exercise of participatory and leading democracy that we all witnessed," the governor explained.

Pinto said that the financial resources granted to the bases of communal power throughout the state reach the sum of 78 million digital bolivars.

He indicated that approximately 485 thousand people will benefit from the implementation of these projects, which are aimed at improving public services, the health and education system, among other essential factors to provide a better quality of life.

“It has been popular power through direct, universal and secret voting with an assembly methodology that prioritized the needs to be addressed for the recovery of the welfare state,” said Pinto.

In this context, the regional leader celebrated this initiative by President Nicolás Maduro, which strengthens the popular government system and allows them to draw up the concrete agenda of actions for the year 2024-2030.

They delivered inputs through the Sowing Plan 

The event was also conducive to the delivery of agricultural inputs and equipment to producers in Cumaná, Cumanacoa and Marigüitar, within the framework of the Sowing Plan promoted by President Nicolás Maduro, to strengthen the productive engine in the territory.

“We also have delivery of seeds, bio-input fertilizers; machetes, boots and other supplies, which will allow the reactivation of economic activity,” said the governor.

Puerto de la Madera, Periquito, Quetepe, Las Piedras, La Cancha and El Chispero de Guasimilla were the communal councils that received agricultural inputs within the framework of this plan.

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