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They carry out cleaning in four channels of Cumaná

They collect waste in the channels of La Llanada Vieja, Las Parcelas, La Gran Sabana and El Peñón simultaneously

Four canals of the city of Cumaná, in the state of Sucre; They are addressed with cleaning days by the brigades of the Autonomous Institute of Public Services of the state of Sucre (Inaservip), as reported by the governor of the eastern region, Gilberto Pinto, during his radio program “Loyalty is love for Sucre.”

Pinto highlighted the work of the Inaservip crews, deployed with extensive maintenance, desilting and solid waste collection days in the canals, rivers and streams, located in the different sectors of the 15 municipalities that comprise the geography of Sucre.

The canals of the communities of La Llanada Vieja, Las Parcelas, La Gran Sabana and El Peñón, are the channels that are simultaneously being intervened by the work teams of this institution, in compliance with the preventive plan for cleaning canals and streams, which promotes the regional government.

In this sense, the governor indicated that the flow maintenance days will be intensified in the entity, in order to avoid flooding during the rainy season, which he stated would be reaching the Sucre region starting on June 15.

“It is hard work that we have been doing to prevent further damage from flooding in the communities of our state. As of June 15, the rainy season would be arriving in Sucre and, as of now, we are preparing to guarantee the protection of the population,” said Pinto.

Likewise, he indicated that the communities with the highest vulnerability index are prioritized to address with this preventive plan that is part of the actions framed in the government plan "Gran Mariscal de Ayacucho."

“In addition to avoiding flooding, we seek to reduce outbreaks and the spread of endemic diseases that are caused by river overflows. So, here is a multidisciplinary team that works with the commitment to strengthen the social security of the people of Sucre,” he pointed out.

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