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They commemorated 194 years of the murder of Antonio José de Sucre in Cumaná 

Authorities made a floral offering before the equestrian monument of the Grand Marshal of Ayacucho

This Tuesday, June 4, authorities of the state of Sucre commemorated the 194th anniversary of the vile murder of the Abel of America, Antonio José de Sucre, with a military parade held in Plaza Ayacucho, in Cumaná.

The event was accompanied by the director of the Office of the Government of Sucre, Onny Parra; the commander of the Comprehensive Defense Operational Zone (Zodi) number 53 of the state of Sucre, V/A Luciano Francisco Fernández, and other authorities of the Military High Command.

During the military ceremony, the civil and military authorities carried out the act of unique offering before the equestrian statue of the Grand Marshal of Ayacucho, to honor the most loyal soldier of the Liberator Simón Bolívar.

The commander of the 53rd Zone Command of the Bolivarian National Guard (GNB) in the state of Sucre, G/B Ciro Fonseca, praised the life and work of the distinguished Cumanese hero who participated in the emancipatory deeds of America.

He stressed that his gallantry, bravery and intelligence led him to conquer and consolidate the independence of Ecuador and Peru.

“This young general, patriot, who would have liberated Ecuador and Peru, in the battles of Pichincha and Ayacucho, established himself as one of the greatest men in Latin America,” said the GNB commander in the region.

He indicated that Sucre was a victim of the intrigue, cowardice and ambition of the Colombian oligarchy that opposed the integration of the peoples of Latin America.

“Sucre was, after Bolívar, the most prestigious man in America and the leader who brought together the most loyal commissions to govern Colombia and give a boost to the Bolivarian dream, which was the integration of the peoples of the American Continent,” he pointed out.

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