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The streets of Cumaná are crowded in support of Nicolás Maduro 

Once again they demonstrated their commitment to continue consolidating the construction of socialism

With joy and patriotic fervor, the Chavista people of Sucre state once again marched through the streets of Cumaná, to reiterate their resounding and forceful support for the Bolivarian Revolution.

The massive mobilization started from the Virgen del Valle church, traveled along Bermúdez Avenue and ended on Ayacucho Street in the first-born city, where the revolutionary people once again demonstrated their commitment to continue consolidating the construction of socialism.

The march was led by the governor of the state of Sucre, Gilberto Pinto; the state liaison of the National Directorate of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (Psuv), Jesús Faría, and the mayor of Cumaná, Luis Sifontes.

“The power is in the people and the people are in the streets, to show the world that here there are conscious and loyal men and women, who on July 28 will come out to defend the Bolivarian Revolution,” exalted the state liaison of the Psuv. , Jesús Faría.

The also deputy to the National Assembly (AN) urged the communal structures to continue organizing and strengthening the great electoral machinery of the 1×10, in order to ensure the re-election of the National Executive.

For his part, Governor Gilberto Pinto affirmed that they will continue to mobilize to raise their voices in rejection of the aggressions and unilateral coercive measures that the Venezuelan opposition has promoted against the country, which he noted have caused instability in the purchasing power of the population. .

“We will continue to mobilize against this so-called opposition, which has dedicated itself to traveling around the world to request and demand sanctions, which today have affected the economy of our country. But to them, this town sends a message. The persecutions, the blockade and fascism have a candidate, but the good country, of the future, of peace and progress also has a candidate and his name is Nicolás Maduro,” highlighted Governor Gilberto Pinto.

In turn, the mayor of Cumaná, Luis Sifontes, congratulated the “extraordinary” demonstration of strength that demonstrates the absolute and unwavering loyalty of the people of Sucre.

“This is the love of a people who again, today, took to the streets of rebellious and victorious Cumaná to demonstrate their loyalty to this revolutionary process, which is the only one in the world that guarantees the prosperity of the country. This same loyalty is reflected in Valdez, Mariño, Cajigal, Libertador, in Benítez and in the rest of the municipalities that make up this region of my beloved Venezuela,” Sifontes pointed out.

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