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TSJ confirmed conviction against irregular group from Apure

Subjects cut the throats of two people and stole their livestock

The Criminal Chamber of the Supreme Court of Justice confirmed the sentences imposed on members of an irregular group that operated in Apure by applying a “cleansing” among the population that included selective murders.

Such a decision is contained in sentence 328 written by Judge Maikel Moreno and supported by his courtroom colleagues, Carmen Marisela Castro and Elsa Gómez.

The sentence states that Jhonny de Jesús Bohórquez, Richard Eleachil Rodríguez and Albert Miguel Bohórquez were part of that group. This group operated in Cunaviche, Pedro Camejo municipality (San Juan de Payara), Apure state. They arrived at the aforementioned plains town in 2020, claiming to belong to the Revolutionary Forces of Colombia (Farc) “and that they were, according to their statements, cleaning the town of people who committed crimes.”

Between June 10 and 12 of that year, 2020, the subjects began a process of recruiting young people and took them to a farm to carry out cleaning work, “in addition to beating them and physically abusing them, they kept them in that place all day.” says a report reviewed in the ruling.

The members of the group began to steal livestock from the farms and, in the midst of that chaos, Pedro Vicente Estrada Flores and Pablo Domingo Castillo Castillo were beheaded, whose bodies were left lying on a public road.

As a result of these situations, the National Anti-Extortion and Kidnapping Command (Conas) arrested Jhonny, Richard and Albert. Also captured were Ángel Reinaldo Linares Rivas, an attached officer assigned to the Cunaviche police station; Alberto Martín Aguilar Suárez, José Gregorio Bohórquez Solórzano and Jaison Ramón Salazar Gaitán.

These people were prosecuted between December 10, 2020 and February 18, 2022, the date on which the 1st Trial Court of Apure sentenced Jhonny Bohórquez and Richard Rodríguez to 15 years and 4 months in prison. While 17 years for Albert Bohórquez.

The lawyers of Jhonny, Richard and Albert appealed the sentences but the Court of Appeals of Apure dismissed the appeal and confirmed said sanctions, the ruling states.

By virtue of this, they knocked on the doors of the Criminal Chamber where their magistrates detected that "what exists is a simple disagreement of the defender with what was decided", thus deviating from the purpose of an appeal for cassation, which is to denounce "true defects that are capable of altering or modifying the result of the process.”

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