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Three arrested for drowning a minor in the Neverí River

In Yaracuy, a woman accused of murdering her partner was arrested

Two minors and one adult are being criminally prosecuted for their alleged participation in the drowning death of 12-year-old boy Santiago Marcano Guaiquirian.

The detainees are between 13 and 18 years old, who were subjected to interrogations by Cicpc agents after Santiago's body was recovered last Wednesday in a well at the José Antonio Anzoátegui water treatment plant connected to the Neverí River as it passes through Barcelona.

Santiago was reported missing since last Monday when he went out with a group of friends. Apparently they pushed him into Neverí. Seeing that he did not come out, his friends left without informing Santiago's relatives.

homicidal woman

In another incident, Cicpc agents captured Lesdey Sarmiento (33) as the alleged perpetrator of the homicide committed against her partner Alexander José Torres (38), an event that occurred on June 15, in the Algarrobo sector, Manuel Monge municipality (Yumare), state Yaracuy.

The scientific police investigations determined that Lesdey, motivated by the fact that Alexander had allegedly been unfaithful to her with another woman, confronted him on the farm where he worked as a worker, sparking an argument that turned violent.

In the middle of that fight, the woman took out a knife to cause multiple penetrating puncture wounds in various parts of the man's body, immediately blinding his life, according to what was published by the Cicpc.

The officials went to the site, lifted the body and began the respective investigations. As part of the investigations, the woman was detained in the Algarrobo sector of the aforementioned Yaracuyan municipality. At that moment, the knife used in the homicide was seized from her, the report states.

The woman was handed over to the Public Ministry for criminal prosecution.

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