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They request extradition of El Soldado

Juan Carlos Acevedo is detained in Colombia

The Criminal Chamber of the Supreme Court of Justice declared admissible the extradition request made by Venezuela for Colombia to send, through the extradition procedure, Juan Carlos Acevedo Hernández (El Soldado). The subject is the leader of a criminal organization that operates on the Táchira-Colombia border.

The Public Ministry began the extradition process, because alias the Soldier was detained in Colombia on April 30 due to the Red Notice signed with No. A-6363/37-2023, dated July 7, 2023. The notification derives from the arrest warrant issued by the 2nd Control Court of Táchira, San Antonio del Táchira extension, on May 19, 2022.

These details of the extradition procedure are contained in ruling No. 302 of the Criminal Chamber of the TSJ, written by Judge Carmen Marisela Castro, and which was supported by her colleagues Elsa Gómez and Maikel Moreno.

The sentence includes one of the events for which alias the Soldier is requested, which occurred on December 15, 2017 in Ureña (Táchira). This is the murder of Jorge Jeferson Briones Uribe, who was riddled with bullets in the chest and face. Her wife Gilma Ángel Gelvez was also injured in the index finger of her left hand, which caused her to lose the phalanx.

Five years after that event, specifically on May 5, 2022, the 2nd Control Court of Táchira, San Antonio extension, issued an arrest warrant against Acevedo Hernández. On that occasion, he was charged with the following crimes: qualified homicide for futile and ignoble reasons, association, obstruction of freedom of commerce, non-compliance with the nation's security regime and qualified homicide in a degree of frustration.

Two years after that arrest warrant, the same court began the extradition procedure and sent the file to the Criminal Chamber to issue a ruling. The magistrates confirmed that the requirements to endorse the extradition are met.

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