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Guarapiche River overflowed and affected Acosta and Caripe in Monagas

Governor Ernesto Luna reported on the damage caused by the passage of Hurricane Beryl in the municipalities of Acosta, Caripe and Cedeño

The heavy rainfall that occurred since one in the morning in the Acosta, Cedeño and Caripe municipalities, in the north of the Monagas state, caused the Guarapiche River to overflow, which affected the vehicular flow in the area that unites the parishes of San Francisco and San Antonio, reported a local media from the eastern entity.

As described by the newspaper, the water level of the tributary is of considerable proportions, which does not allow the passage of motorized units or pedestrian traffic, as well as damaging some crops in the area.

In view of what happened, the governor of the state of Monagas, Ernesto Luna, confirmed the effects due to the rains in several municipalities of the entity through an Instagram live, in which he offered an assessment of the effects it has caused. In the state of Monagas, Storm Beryl affects the Venezuelan coast as it passes through the Caribbean Sea.

In that sense, the regional president reported that three municipalities were affected by this category 5 hurricane, with sustained winds of 258 kilometers per hour, derived from the La Niña climate phenomenon. These are Acosta, Caripe and Cedeño.

In the first of them, they are serving six sectors located in the San Antonio and San Francisco parishes, which suffered the effects of the heavy rains that occurred since early today and caused the Colorado and Guarapiche rivers to flood.

The Governor specified that the organizations that make up the different security and protection bodies assist 20 families due to loss of belongings in the Villa Coral sector, carry out damage assessments in the homes of three family groups and evacuated a family that was affected after the flooding of the home where they reside in the El Naranjal sector, in the San Antonio parish; while in the San Francisco parish, in the community of Las Delicias, the Government and Mayor's Office provide support to three families.

The Cocollar sector is also addressed, where the drinking water service was suspended given the damage caused by the flooding of the Cocollar River and they are alert and monitoring the undermining of 40 percent of the dispensary.

“We are going to respond as quickly as the situation warrants to each of the municipalities affected by this climate phenomenon. We will do the same together with the Fire Department, Civil Protection, State Police and the different mayors' offices,” he specified.

Solidarity with Sucre

Regarding the situation presented by the neighboring state Sugar, Luna expressed her solidarity with families in mourning and battered by the ravages of this storm.

“We are going to support them with drinking water and medicine. Not only are we waiting, we will also give our contribution,” she pointed out.

Rains also affect the Caripe municipality

Caripe is also affected by the intense rains that have fallen in recent hours.

According to community residents, several of them are affected; The different rivers that cross the mountainous entity are overflowing and have damaged some areas of the town.

They highlight that the rainfall has been recorded since the early hours of the morning of this Tuesday, July 2, so the water level of the tributaries has increased considerably.

Likewise, they assure that there are families who have lost their belongings because the water entered the houses and they fear that landslides will occur.

The town's passenger terminal is under water and in some communities such as San Juan, considerable damage is reported. To date, the Caripe mayor's office has not issued any type of statement.

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