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Prisons of Puente Ayala, Rodeo, Yare and Delgado Rosales requisitioned

In the search carried out at the prison facilities, the following were seized: narcotics, cell phones and knives.

In the last few hours, military authorities carried out extraordinary searches in a prison in Anzoátegui, two in Miranda and another in Zulia, according to reports.

One of the requisitioned facilities is the Barcelona Agroproductive Penitentiary Center, located in the Puente Ayala sector, Barcelona municipality, Anzoátegui state. In that prison they located a package of cocaine base weighing 72 grams, a panel of cocaine (12 grams) and a panel of marijuana (17 grams), according to a report from Detachment 521 of the Bolivarian National Guard, a component that participated in that procedure.

In the so-called Puente Ayala prison, they also confiscated 17 cell phones, 68 prison-made knives commonly known as chuzos, 26 boxes of chimó, five boxes of cigarettes and 48 handmade pipes.

In the state of Miranda, two prisons were approached by GNB officials. At the perimeter fence of the El Rodeo Capital Region Judicial Confinement Center, located in Guatire, the military seized two packages of marijuana (1 kilo and 82 grams) and a panel of cocaine (550 grams). That drug was transported by Miguel Alejandro Silva Antón, a care custodian assigned to the Ministry for the Penitentiary Service, who at that time was guarding a prisoner identified as Edgar Orlando Verdi Verdi. Both intended to bring the drugs into the aforementioned prison, according to a report from Detachment 443 of the GNB.

In the Yare III Capital Region Penitentiary Center, located in the Simón Bolívar municipality (San Francisco de Yare), they also tried to bring in portions of drugs. Such action was thwarted in the package inspection area of ​​Module 3 where they detained two packages of marijuana (495 grams) and two wrappers of cocaine (103 grams).

This drug was hidden in the belongings of Mely Francis Rengifo Torres and Dulce María Vargas, according to a report from Detachment 442 of the GNB.

And at the Francisco Delgado Rosales New Men Training Center, located in Maracaibo (Zulia), the military carried out a search through which they seized 1.886 mini-packages of cocaine (1 kilo 975 grams) and 579 of marijuana (670 grams), hidden in various areas of confinement for those deprived of liberty, according to the report of Detachment 111 of the GNB.

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